To celebrate the launch of my 3rd manifestation book this week I thought I’d create a handy blog post compiled with my top tips for healing and the inner work! Now that we’re moving towards winter time and the inner ‘feminine’ energy this is the perfect time to go within and clear any blocks or resistance to abundance. With that, here are my tip tips I feel you need to know this week…

Slowing Down

The key to identifying any inner work or combating feelings of overwhelm is by slowing down. By allowing ourselves to slow down we essentially allow our nervous system and mind to catch up. By slowing down and creating the space you create the container for miracles and time to go within and explore anything that needs to come up. Very often when we slow down we may become ill, or even have inner work come up this is because we are finally giving our bodies the time to relax which they need! So allow yourself to slow down, create the space and welcome the inner work coming to the surface in a graceful and gentle way. Slowing down has many benefits including helping us to realign before moving forwards, so don’t see slowing down as a negative see it as a necessary pivot to move you closer towards your desire and abundance.

What Needs To Come Up Will

Many try to force the inner work to get ahead or get closer to their desires – which is understandable when you know something is in the way blocking your abundance! The truth is the inner work will always come up to the surface when it’s ready to. It can’t be forced or pushed but you will know when it’s ready to be addressed by how you feeling within yourself. If you’re feeling irritated, angry, triggered by someone or a situation or unhappy these are all common signs a wound is coming up to be released. Within the book I have some great tools and techniques you can use to identify what the belief, fear or block is so make sure to use these when looking into what is coming up for you in this moment. If you feel good and the above signs don’t resonate then celebrate! Being in your summer ‘outer’ season is great and when the time comes for anything to come up it will, so allow yourself to enjoy the season you’re in.

Have Fun With The Inner Work

The inner work can often feel heavy and seem serious – and whilst not all of the time is it ‘fun’ it’s definitely needed and a process. Making the inner work fun is such an important tip in my opinion because when something seems like a lot of work or ‘shadow work’ it doesn’t sound appealing to many people including myself. So by making the inner work fun with my inner child it’s helped me to feel a lot more grounded, settled and experience more joy along this process. So take time out if need be, take breaks from doing the inner work and honour where you’re at. If it feels like too much then do something fun with your inner child, use my book to support you or enquire with someone who may be able to professionally help you navigate this in a safe container. There are so many benefits to doing the inner work – so make it fun, make it light and make it what feels good to you.

I hope this blog post has really served you and given you some great tips and on how you can start to navigate the inner work when it comes up. Don’t forget my NEW book Hurt, Healing, Healed – Release limiting beliefs, fears and blocks to supercharge your manifestation is out now! In my third manifestation book you can expect to learn what causes blocks with manifesting and how to identify and release these. When you order a copy of the book you can also claim my FREE 60-min ‘How To Manifest Like A Pro’ webinar. Click here to order your copy now! As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to. I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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