Everyone loves love, and I know everyone certainly deserves it too! So this week I wanted to share with you my top 5 proven ways to attract more love into all area’s of your life using the law of attraction!

Love can come in so many forms whether you’re looking for love in a romantic partner, within yourself (self-love) or just in general with your work or personal life. You can certainly manifest love into all four corner’s of your life even if the romantic partner you’re after hasn’t quite arrived yet. Feeling love in your life is important for your wellbeing and mental health, love makes us feel good and love conquers all. So if you feel you could inject some more love into your life right now then I hope the below steps help. Remember that when you feel love within yourself and life the universe can reflect that back to you with your desires.


The best way to start attracting more love into your life is to actually ask the universe and invite it into your life! I personally love doing this through scripting. Scripting is the practice of writing ‘as if’ you already have your manifestation in this moment, so you could either write a letter to yourself or higher self or you could write a dream list. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you write out exactly how this love looks like to you in the present moment. For instance with a letter, you could write about how grateful you are to have love in all area’s of your life, use affirmations and tell the story of how you want your life to be written in present tense. Or you could write a dream partner list to call in love and write down all the qualities and traits you’d like in your ideal partner.

“Feeling love in your life is important for your wellbeing and mental health, love makes us feel good and love conquers all.”


Crystals are another great way to call in love! You may or may not be aware of Rose Quartz which is the most common stone of unconditional love. Rose Quartz is great for self-love, attracting love and just feeling love around you in general. I would advise either getting some Rose Quartz jewellery or keeping a tumblestone on you at all times so that love and loving situations will follow you wherever you go throughout your day. Another great crystal to have is Clear Quartz as this is an amplifying crystal so having this next to your Rose Quartz will amplify it’s unconditional love superpowers. Amber is also another great crystal for love it’s great for marriage, solidifying love, commitment and also great for grounding and stability. Jade is also another unconditional love crystal and great for calling in love to your life. You could even create a little love crystal alter next to your bed with these crystals to really amplify the love!


These are another great tool for attracting self-love and loving situations into your life. I always believe there are two forms of affirmations – emotional affirmations and manifesting affirmations. Emotional affirmations are phrases such as – I am love, I am beautiful, I am worthy and deserving of love. Whereas manifesting affirmations are phrases such as – I now call love into all area’s of my life, I am attracting my soulmate into my life, I am surrounded by unconditional love in all area’s of my life. Get creative and make sure to repeat these often whether you keep some saved on your phone or whether you put sticky notes around the house with them on, make sure they are where you can see them often and repeat them when it feels good to do so. Remember you don’t want to be repeating them for the sake of it as the energy behind saying these needs to be positive and feel good!

Be The Love

The next step is to be the love! Every relationship in our life is a reflection so it’s important you’re filling your own cup and working on self-love regularly to be able to attract more love into your life. Like attracts like, so you’ve got to be the love to attract love. Make sure that you’re regularly practising self-love, self-care and healthy boundaries with people. Here is my three-step self-love routine I advise my clients to follow each week –

  1. Do something each week for yourself and by yourself – this could be reading a book, watching a self-help video, meditating, pampering yourself etc.
  2. Treat yo’ self to something each week – this doesn’t need to be expensive but if you’ve been meaning to purchase something for a while and it’ll bring you joy get it! Even if it’s a £1 chocolate bar and that will bring you joy so be it, get it! It’s not about how much you can spend it’s more about the feeling this treat will bring you.
  3. Do something socially to bring you joy – with either your friends, family or partner do something fun once a week to socialise and let go. If you’re single you could make it your date night each week and go out with friends to ‘create’ space for this person to come into your life.

Act As If 

If you’re trying to manifest a partner then look at your dream list and think about how you can embody this list and reflect it back. For instance, if you want someone outdoorsy then YOU have to also reflect that too and get outdoors! Acting as if is so powerful and my number one top tip for manifesting love is to become the version of yourself that has this love – how would she act, feel, think, do? The way we manifest is by removing the blocks/wounds in the way and then becoming the vibrational match to this version of ourselves that has this desire. So really think about how you could act as if today and every day to call this love into your life!

So there you have it my 5 ways to attract more love into your life! I hope you have taken lots of tools and tips away today that you can go and implement into your life now to call in more love! The key with the law of attraction is consistency so make sure if you are going to take up any of these practises that you stick to them regularly and remind yourself to do a weekly self-love routine and really become the love to attract the love you desire! Don’t forget you can also download my FREE weekly manifesting worksheet designed to keep you accountable and successfully manifesting week in week out. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below. I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love and abundance xx

Emma xx
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