I can’t believe I’m writing this blog post already as it’s my 26th birthday tomorrow! What a year it’s been with hard challenge’s, lessons and up-levelling mixed with amazing highs and celebrations galore. So I know this is a bit different to my usual birthday post, but this week I wanted to share with you my goals and focus for the year ahead…

It was actually this week while on a call with Kelly one of my authors I mentor that she suggested writing a manifestation list on my birthday for the year ahead, surprisingly I’ve never done this before! I’m such a boss at writing a manifestation list on New Year’s and even each month but really I thought YASS I should be setting goals and focus for my birthday also. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to reflect with you over the last year of my life and hopefully inspire you guys to set goals and focus for the next year ahead also.

If you’ve been following my work for a while now you’ll know the last year has been a weird one for me with so much happening in my career and incredible celebrations it’s been a whirlwind, yet my personal life has been a massive learning curve and frankly painful. It’s odd thinking back to what’s happened in my year of being 25 as truthfully so much has happened the wonderful, the weird and the damn right crazy you wouldn’t believe me even if I told you! My faith and trust in the universe have been tested massively and this is what sparked inspiration for my second book ‘Positively Wealthy’ which will be out in April 2020. I feel like my career has gone from strength to strength with the success of my first book Spiritual Queen’s release in January of this year, the two Spiritual Queen events I’ve launched and run this year, writing my second book, working with and meeting so many of you amazing souls and winning incredible awards. My career has certainly kept me going the last year and thank god because it’s been the focus and drive I’ve needed to keep me going along this journey and working on myself. I feel like I’m a completely different person since last year, I’m more myself than I’ve ever been before and I’m certainly more fulfilled thanks to going along my second book’s journey to redefine what my version of wealth and fulfilment really meant. I truly feel happy in myself and life which I haven’t been able to say in a long time!

This has been down to doing the work religiously because frankly, I was either going to sink or swim. I had to trust the process and make sure I was the best version of myself so that I could show up for you guys and help you do the same. Adversity has taught me a lot this year, being able to sit through the pain and discomfort of where my life was and face it all. I was able to truly find myself and create the life I did want. It’s still not perfect but fuck it what is perfection anyway? I’m exactly where I’m meant to be and to me, my happiness and fulfilment is the celebration here. I feel like I’ve gone through another awakening and I’m so thankful all negativity and things that were no longer serving me in my life have cleared out and I’m now surrounded by abundance and incredible people who I love to the moon and back.

“Adversity has taught me a lot this year, being able to sit through the pain and discomfort of where my life was and face it all. I was able to truly find myself and create the life I did want”


Now moving onto my focus for the year ahead, I know I want to manifest big and I think I’d forgotten that a bit as I was so focused on my monthly manifestations I was forgetting I could aim bigger! This year I’d like my second book ‘Positively Wealthy’ to help as many people as possible and be a great tool in my work. I’d like to speak at more events in the UK and continue the success with my own two annual events. I’d love to travel the world more once the book is done, and just keep having fun every day because I’ve missed that! I know the universe always laughs when I make any personal life goals so I think I’m going to leave that up to the universe this year and go with the flow! What I am focusing on is happiness, unconditional love and abundance in all areas of my life so if that means love and settling down this year so be it I’d love that – but I know that has it’s time and I don’t need to force that. There are a few new projects in the pipeline over the next year also, so the time and resources to do them are on my list too!

So if it’s your birthday soon or not there’s no harm in setting goals in the middle of the year at all! I dare you to manifest big, I dare you to ask for all you’ve ever wanted. I’m planning to write these manifestations down in my special manifesting notebook (you can buy them here) even writing this blog post has been an asking technique in itself! There is no right or wrong way to ask as long as you do, the number one block I see in my clients especially around money, is they’re just not asking for anything! I’m even guilty of doing this myself I’d love to do some TV and press interviews again and spread the message of spirituality and I was getting frustrated that the press just seems to ignore spirituality and wellbeing yet was I even setting the intention or getting clear – no! So how on earth could I expect the universe to know what I wanted to call into my life? So get clear and get asking Queen put it out there and you shall receive! I do really feel a good energy around birthday’s and with mine being on a new moon tomorrow there is no excuse not to set my intensions! Also birthday’s are a new chapter in your life and 365 new opportunities to turn your dream life into an abundant reality!

So I hope this blog post has helped you this week and inspired you to create a manifestation list for the year ahead and get clear on your focus. Focus and clarity are everything with the law of attraction so when we get clear and ask the universe it can start getting to work! As always please do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section down below. Don’t forget you can also download my FREE weekly manifesting worksheet designed to keep you accountable and successfully manifesting week in week out. I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx


Emma xx
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