A Night In With Papa John’s*

IMG_1904Now I am partial to a good pizza and have to say it’s one of my all time favourite’s on a Saturday Night. Being in a small town we only really have Domino’s or local businesses. So to be asked to review Papa John’s Pizza was right up my street!

IMG_1909I have never personally ordered from Papa John’s before simply I feel because of the distance and I just don’t feel it’s as well advertised as other brands. They are known for always having fab offers on and have posted many myself on the page in the past. Looking at the website it is really easy to use and they also have a loyalty scheme which is always a bonus! I went for a half & half as we never finish a separate pizza and it keeps the cost down. I was a little disappointed with the toppings on half & half as you can’t choose them yourself you have to select one of the menu choices. I also went for the famous cheese stuffed crust, this tasted gorgeIMG_1907ous and not greasy like Domino’s cheese does. When selecting the half & half toppings it was difficult to determine from the pictures what exactly was included I feel they need to add descriptions of the toppings.

For side orders there isn’t a massive choice I feel they could add more, we choose chicken poppers and potato wedges. I’m not a big fan of KFC or fried chicken but these Chicken poppers were to die for! I would love them on their own to be honest highly recommend! The wedges were equally as nice and I liked the choice of dips they included.

The packaging was really nice and didn’t get too greasy either, the food was kept warm and fresh which is really important. Upon collection the staff were really helpful and the store was really bright and inviting. Now to the important part the food tasting!

IMG_1908The pizza was really thick and full of veggie goodness, this instantly won me over as I’m sick of Domino’s just slapping the not so fresh salad on and often mixing the half & half sides up. All of the vegetables tasted fresh and the pizza literally tasted like a true Italian had made it fresh for me. It was really enjoyable and didn’t taste greasy or like a takeaway at all. Also I didn’t feel bloated after! I highly recommend Papa John’s and will be indulging more frequently into this fabulous company. The prices are very similar to Domino’s but with great discount codes available all the time it’s easy to save and enjoy your meal at the same time. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried Papa John’s Pizza and what your thoughts are?

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Emma xx
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