Aldi Lacura Autumn Releases

I always get excited for Autumn not only is it my favourite time of the year my skincare routine changes to accommodate the colder weather. Since discovering Aldi’s Lacura range some months ago, I was really excited when they sent me through some sneak peek’s to try before launch.

So the Caviar Illumination range has been in stores before but they only ever have it on special buys throughout certain times of the year. That time is coming around soon and I wanted to show you the latest additions to the range and my thoughts. The Caviar Illumination range is a budget friendly, luxury, anti-ageing skincare range featuring caviar. The Day & Night creams especially are famous for being duplicates of a very expensive Swiss brand called La Prairie. Their creams cost a whopping £292 per pot! So I was excited to put these products to the test…
Aldi Lacura Autumn Releases

Super Lift Kit

So this all sounded a little scary to me, I’m only twenty-three and the thought of anti-aging and all this these lifting, plumping products seem alien to me. While I appreciate my skin probably doesn’t need these products just yet, I don’t see any harm in starting the process a little earlier and keeping my skin in great condition. You get 4 sachets in the Super Lift Kit and I would advise using these once a week so you get a month’s usage out of the kit. I’ll be honest once I had applied this and let it soak in for fifteen minutes my face didn’t feel much different. It felt smoother and helped reduce some fine lines around my eyes but I just don’t feel this product is targeted at my age range. Aldi Lacura Autumn Releases

Serum Concentrate 

Since trying this product at the Aldi Christmas event back in July I have been so excited to get my hand’s on one! This is a new product to the range and sadly no prices have been confirmed yet, but you can guarantee it will be budget friendly. I love the design of the Serum and it actually looks like caviar inside the bottle, it gives off a very luxury feel. While they’re aren’t any specific advantages labelled on the box I will explain what’s it done for my skin. It comes out black on application and feels very cooling when applying to your face. Again the fragrance is subtle and luxury smelling, the serum leaves your skin feeling soft, firm and hydrated. I can really see this benefiting a lot of people in their daily skincare routines. Again, this probably didn’t make a massive difference on my skin purely for the fact I’m blessed with young skin. All the products felt incredible and really enhanced my complexion, so even if I don’t end up using all the products in the range right now, at least I know where to buy from in the future!
Aldi Lacura Autumn Releases

Day & Night Cream £6.99 Each

These moisturisers seem to be available all year round looking at the Aldi website which is a bonus for us all! I couldn’t wait to try the Day Cream after hearing all the fantastic reviews online. On application, it was a little thicker than I was expecting but the smell of the cream is lovely. It soaked in well and created a fantastic base to apply my makeup on top of. It left me with a dewy glow for most of the day, which many others have noted too in their reviews. My skin felt firmer, hydrated and it seemed to help with the discoloration around my eyes also. I’m very impressed and I will be sticking to it and seeing how my skin fares over the next few months. I’ve always been scared to try Night Cream’s I don’t know why I think it’s because most of the time I forget to apply it whoops! So since trying Lacura’s Night Cream I have tried to remember every night and it seems to be working. The Night Cream is a lot lighter which I was surprised by and has less of a fragrance. I like using these together as my skin looks so much brighter and clearer since I’ve been using these creams. I’ve also noticed how much my makeup sits better on top of these cream’s giving me a dewy glow which is fantastic!

Thanks to the Aldi team for very kindly sending me these products to try. The Serum will be available from the 3rd November, along with brand new Caviar Facial Cleansing Wipes and the welcome return of Caviar favourites – Caviar Illumination 7 day Intensive Treatment and Caviar Illumination 3 Minute Cell Renewal Peel Mask, all available as Specialbuys. The Super Lift kit will be available in store from 1st December along with the Caviar Illumination Gift Set. You can visit the Aldi website here and view the full skin care range.

Emma xx
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  1. Katie Rafferty

    I am in the age group these creams are targeted at and I love them, fantastic value also.

  2. Estera Strupiechowska

    Hi any idea when aldi might have ihem products back in stores ? Haven’t seen the caviar illumination cosmetics in ages

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