Essie Gel Couture Nail Varnish Review

Having been a nail addict all my life, I am always so excited to try new products in the nail industry. With most high street nail brands now selling their own gel formula without needing a UV lamp, I was intrigued to try Essie’s own version which has just launched. Essie Gel Couture Nail Varnish Review

There are a whopping 42 shades in the new Gel Couture line. The new line features a gel-like formula that lasts up to 14 days, having tried this myself well over 14 days ago I can vouch that it does last and longer in my case! You’ll also notice that the brush is different to the regular Essie nail varnish. It has a tapered cut that was designed to hug the curve of your nail, which is supposed to help you get a more precise application. When applying this myself, I did find it so easy to get a real sleek and professional look to my nails, for once it didn’t go everywhere. There’s also a new quick-dry gel top coat that protects color and shine without the need for a UV lamp.

I have tried other high street brands gel ranges and although they were great they didn’t last anywhere near two weeks, and they didn’t feel shiny enough like real gel nails. After applying the Essie Gel Couture shade ‘Rock The Runway’ as pictured below, I applied the gel top coat. This gave my nails such a super gel shine and has lasted well past the 14-day estimate. My nails have barely chipped at all and it’s great because we all lead busy lives who can honestly remember to do their nails anyway! The 42 shades retail for £9.99 each and you will need to buy the top coat too which is also £9.99. Although these are more expensive than other high street makeup brands gel lines. I honestly feel Essie Gel Couture is so worth the money as it does last so much longer, the shine is more intense and is more realistic to Gel nails you would get in a salon.

You can visit the Superdrug website here and view the full Essie Gel Couture range. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Essie Gel Couture Nail Varnish Review

Emma xx
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