The Letteroom Review

I love pretty home decor pieces it seems to be all I buy, and I find myself having to create space to put it all in as I’ve run out of room! When I came across Letteroom I instantly knew I was going to love all the items on the website and probably have to look at getting a house to fit it all in.

Letteroom is a great website for one of a kind gifts, you can find gifts for everyone in the family and certainly spoil yourself too. Here is what I ended up with…

The Letteroom Review

Firefly Jam Jars £7.95

I was really drawn to these jars as they looked really magical and I loved the colours. It does come with fairy lights in the jar you just need to put batteries in the top. This looks effective in the daytime and especially in the dark, I can see this looking great in a little girl’s rooms.

The Letteroom Review

Spotty China Letter Mug £12.95

I loved this mug as soon as I spotted it on the bestsellers list. At £12.95 it is certainly a little pricier than I would normally pay for a mug, but the gold detailing looks great and it feels like a Princess mug. You can get any letter on the mug so these would make great birthday presents in my eyes.

The Letteroom Review

Paper Letter Lantern £2.50

I really liked these lanterns as they reminded me of Tangled, to be honest, I think I just chose Disney Princess inspired gifts! Again, these come in all letters of the alphabet for personalisation and you could even spell out names or have these at weddings I feel. At £2.50 each these could become quite costly if you did want to spell out a phrase or name, but they are reusable and feel very sturdy. You will need to put fake led candle’s in these lantern’s though otherwise, they won’t last long!

Thanks to Letteroom for sending me these incredible gifts to try. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and you can visit The Letteroom website here to view the full range of gifts.

Emma xx
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