Charlotte Tilbury – Scent Of A Dream First Impressions

After becoming a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup range, as soon as I heard about Charlotte realising her first perfume I was instantly excited. Not only for the rose gold packaging but how it would compare to other luxury perfumes. I first heard about Scent Of A Dream when I received a free sample through the post, I had no idea what it was called or the theme so was instantly excited when I realised it’s all about the law of attraction!

Charlotte Tilbury - Scent Of A Dream First Impressions

The fact the perfume smells amazing is a certainly a bonus so the two week wait until launch almost seemed to go on for ages. Finally at 10pm 14th August Scent Of A Dream was launched early online so it went straight in my basket… I decided to go for the 50ml bottle as this worked out better than the 30ml pricing. The 30ml bottle costs £49, 50ml – £68 & 100ml – £96 so this is very much a designer fragrance. Scent Of A Dream is enriched with hypnotic, psycho-active magic molecules, spellbinding, erotic floral extracts and a mood-enhancing joy aura of citrus. Scent Of A Dream is a perfume that acts as a portal that attracts love, light, power, positivity and sex to the wearer. So I’m not going to lie these are big bold statements from Charlotte on what the perfume can attract, while I am a 100% believer of the law of attraction. Can a perfume really help us manifest our desires? Well, I am certainly willing to try it out while enjoying the lovely fragrance. I also really need to a blog post on my law of attraction journey and what I’ve successfully manifested it should be out in the next few weeks!

Charlotte Tilbury - Scent Of A Dream First Impressions

So when the postman delivered this delight, I couldn’t wait to unbox it! At the checkout, I was able to select a few samples to try so I went for Wonder Glow & Multi-Miracle Glow. Inside the box was a Scent Of A Dream ribbon with a little rose gold key on, I’m currently wearing this as a bracelet to remind myself to keep positive and keep focused on what I want to attract into my life. I thought this was a really nice touch and it looks great in the Instagram pictures of course! Also included was a sample size of Scent Of A Dream which is always handy to pop in your handbag as a top up throughout the day. Finally, something which I thought was a makeup palette to my disappointment is actually a virtual reality box which you put your phone in. The Kate Moss virtual reality experience isn’t live as of yet so I haven’t been able to try these out but what an amazing extra to add to my order. So I will keep you all updated if I suddenly start attracting people and my manifestations! Law Of Attraction or not this is still a fantastic perfume and please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. You can visit the Charlotte Tilbury website here and view Scent Of A Dream.

Charlotte Tilbury - Scent Of A Dream First Impressions

Emma xx
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