Aldi is certainly now famous for creating the best luxury dupes from beauty products to candles, Aldi certainly seems to have it all at the moment alongside your weekly grocery shop. I loved Aldi’s caviar range when it launched last year so it only felt right to try the new Aldi Lacura Icellage range and see how these products compare.

The luxury anti-ageing range is aimed at women aged 35-60, and is made up of four products – a day cream, night cream, intensive serum and eye gel all at an incredibly affordable price. The products contain the active ingredient, ‘PhytoCellTec nunatak’, which contains a new generation of stem cells derived from the alpine flower Saponaria Pumila, which helps penetrates deeper layers of the skin more effectively. Containing the active ingredient PhytoCellTec, the products also adapt to extreme conditions meaning they’re perfect during a cold snap, something we all have to deal with for most of the year here in Britain.


Now only being twenty-three myself I understand that my skin is certainly different to my mum’s for example, I’m not quite at the age of anti-ageing products yet but I’m still conscious that I will need to start lightly soon so was interested to see if the Aldi Lacura Icellage range could help me. The packaging instantly grabbed my attention as it certainly looks and feels luxurious for such a budget brand.

Day & Night Cream £6.99

The Icellage Day Cream ensures deep moisturisation to reduce wrinkles. Provides a silky-feeling, youthful, smooth and radiant complexion. The first thing I really loved about the day cream is the light and luxiourious smelling scent, this day cream also has SPF 20 in making it even more beneficial. The Icellage night cream regenerates the skin during the night, providing deep moisturisation, for a fresh, radiant complexion and smoother skin. The result – a youthful, radiant, smoother complexion. I really enjoyed applying these cream’s as they really do leave my skin feeling soft and silky, the day cream is a great base to apply makeup over. Although I don’t have any wrinkles to compare results, over the two weeks I’ve been using the Icellage range I’ve noticed my skin feels firmer, softer and certainly has more of a dewy glow.


Intensive Serum £6.99

This Lacura Icellage Intensive Serum has been carefully formulated to deeply moisturise and smooth skin, while minimising wrinkles. On the Aldi website it also suggests to mix a little pump of the serum with your foundation when applying. I tried this and although it took a while for my foundation to dry and set before continuing it really did feel cooling, made my skin feel firmer and gave me a great complexion. I’m not sure if I would use this any other time as it does feel a little heavy to apply straight onto my skin.

Eye Gel £5.99

This eye gel uses intensive hydration to improve the suppleness of your skin, minimises wrinkles and provides a cooling effect. I love the cooling effect of this eye gel, in the morning it really gives my eyes the refreshing boost they need and certainly helps get rid of any tired eyes. Again, I am really lucky to not have any creases or lines under my eye but over the last two weeks it’s been great to have the bags under my eyes reduced and to look more awake even if I don’t feel it!

You can visit the Aldi website here and view the full Icellage range available online and instore. A big thank you to the PR Team at Aldi for kindly sending me these luxury goodies to try out. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Emma xx
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