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I haven’t done an Approved Food order for a while and wanted to show you all the benefits this amazing retailer has to offer!

Many people have the persona that Approved Food is all out of date goods. This is simply not true! Yes, some are but the NHS states that Best Before Dates are not harmful if eaten after they just loose some of the flavour and quality. It is also not illegal to sell out of date goods there are many pop up shops round where I live in Weymouth that sell specifically out of date goods in bulk and are very popular in our community. I have sampled the Coke for example which ran out May 14 and it is still as fizzy and full of flavour compared to one I could go buy right now from my local Supermarkets. Many of us throw food away daily because the date has gone even by one day!

This has become a national problem which Approved Food have tried to overcome by selling at discounted rates. In my order I also purchased Toilet Roll and Kitchen roll both of which Coupons are hard to find these will never go out of date, and cheap to stock up on. The only downside I would say is that they came with a lot of boxes and packed separately, which I think they could of saved some packaging on by grouping them together. I know this is done to stop products being damaged in transit but maybe an area they could improve on? All the Bottles (Coke, Comfort, Surf and Banana Boat) had tape on to ensure their safety in transit which I think is great!

I ordered at 10:05 yesterday and received my big box today at 1pm from UK Mail now that is efficient delivery!


Rebekah Shorten one of Extreme Couponing and Deals UK followers said:

“I’ve been shopping with Approved Food since 2010 and I must say the food is brilliant quality and excellent price. I do buy my fresh food from the supermarket but everything else is topped up by approved food. I’ve recommended it to many people that are still shopping there.”

Jack Ryan who is my youngest fan at 14, who amazingly does all his family’s grocery shopping said:

“I love approved foods many people ask me why it’s the same as going to a local store and purchasing goods there. I stepped in and explained why I chose to spend my money there. Approved Food is amazing for a good bargain such as I was going on holiday and I bought some razors,soaps,shampoo and I only spent 3.89 but in store I would of spent over £10 for the exact same products! Also I usually do my weekly shop here at Approved Food. If you spend over £25 you can get a lucky bag for 1p where I found a box of twix’s worth over £4 for only 1p. This is a great website to build your stock pile with a very low cost. Also when is spent over £35 I got a case of 24 750ml waters for only 99p. Also delivery was really cheap as I only paid £7.50 for 50kgs. I love Approved Food!”

The total RRP for my order is £84.32

I paid £35.27

That’s a 58.2% Saving!

I would have had to pay delivery as well which is £5.95 but had this FREE with a code and so can you!

To take a look at Approved Food here is the website:



Emma xx
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