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Since starting my money-saving journey back in 2013, I have done many Approved Food shops to stock up my cupboards. Famously known for appearing on Dragon’s Den last year, Approved Food has certainly grown a lot since I last did a shop. So I wanted to put them to the test again and show you how much you can really save using their website.

If you have a search on my blog you’ll see two previous shops I’ve done in the past. It must nearly two years now! Last time as much as I loved my order a lot was past it’s sell by date and as converted as I am now to realising it is safe to eat, it always does play on my mind. Surprisingly this time, absolutely everything was in date and most had a long time left which was a great surprise. The reason why Approved Food is able to sell bulk food and products so cheaply is because they used to have close expiration dates or had already expired. So to now have an order where I can’t complain at anything is fantastic! Delivery took 3 days and came boxed with bubble wrap, everything was really well packaged and no damages. So let’s have a look at what I got in my order…

Approved Food Review1x Diet Coke 12 x 150ml RRP £4.99 – £1.99

1x 20 Refuse Sacks RRP £1.49 – £0.99

1x Airwick Candle RRP £3.99 – £1.99

2x Ariel Actilift Gel Colour RRP £11 – £7.98

2x Ariel Actilift Gel Regular RRP £11 – £7.98

2x Bisto Gravy Chicken RRP £2.50 – £1

4x English Royal Gala Apples RRP £4.36 – £1.60

1x Fairy Citrus Grove 520ml RRP £1.49 – £1

3x Fresh Red Onions RRP £1.47 – £0.65

2x Heinz Vegetable Soup RRP £1.90 – £1

5x Heinz Weight Watcher Tomato & Basil Soup RRP £4.25 – £1

4x Kettle Chips Lightly Salted RRP £2.80 – £1

4x Lambrini 330ml RRP £6 – £3

2x Mcdougalls Self Raising Flour RRP £3.56 – £1.50

2x Tape Dispenser RRP £3.98 – £1

4x Twix Cappuccino RRP £2.40 – £1

3x Volvic Touch Of Fruit Lemon & Lime RRP £2.37 – £0.99

2x 6 Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps RRP £2.98 – £2

1x Flash Kitchen Spray RRP £1 – £0.99

1x Johnsons Baby Shampoo RRP £1.79 – £0.99

2x Schweppes Lemonade RRP £2.58 – £1

2x Super Bright 10 Sponge Scourers RRP £2 – £1.50

1x 4 Thirst Pockets Kitchen Roll RRP £3.50 – £1.99

1x Vaseline RRP £1.28 – £0.99

1x We Love Fruit Kiwi & Lime Body Wash RRP £1 – £0.99

12x M&Ms Crispy RRP £7.20 – £2

RRP Total: £91.89

Paid: £48.12

That’s a 47.6% saving, now they do advertise that you can save up to 70% and I went for products that I use on a daily basis and will use, not just the high discounted items to impress you all. For me, saving 47% on items I would normally buy at the supermarket full price is a great saving and means I can stock up in bulk and get extra discounts for bulk buying. Another great new feature which wasn’t around when I last did a shop was fresh fruit and vegetables, I think this is a great addition as it means you can save on even more items now. I wouldn’t be able to do my entire shop at Approved Food but I know a lot of people who do and successfully save massive amounts every single time.

Approved Food ReviewThis post was kindly sponsored by Approved Food, let me know your thoughts on Approved Food in the comments below and how much you save? You can visit the Approved Food website here and save up to 70% today!

Emma xx
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  1. Nichole

    Wow great savings. I have been on the approved food website but am still yet to try it out. 🙂 x

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