Seventeen Makeup First Impressions

Seventeen is a makeup brand I have also associated with Boots. Growing up I remember, I used to buy their products to create bold looks on a budget. I even brought most of my first products I used to use as a teenager with my pocket money as they are so budget friendly. Now as an adult, I have certainly come a long way since my Seventeen days. I feel I’ve neglected the brand a little as I always associated it with a younger audience. Well, Seventeen has certainly upped their makeup game the last few years and I’m really excited to explore the brand again and let you know how I got on…

Seventeen Make Up First ImpressionsEasy On The Eye Palette Birthday Suit £7.99

I love a good eye palette and these nude tones in the Birthday Suit palette are certainly up my street! At £7.99 this a really affordable and easy palette for all levels of makeup expertise. I’m not an expert I normally spend hours blending to get the perfect tones, but I am really excited to add this new palette to my collection full of my favourite shades. It also comes with a double-ended brush, I personally preferred my Real Techniques brush to blend. I also love that there are matte, shimmer & pearl powders, metallic creams and an eye primer all in one palette. It even came with a coupon for £2 off their Superlash Mascara!

Seventeen Make Up First ImpressionsBrows That! Brow Kit £5.99

I always find brand’s brow kits can be hit or miss, Seventeen’s Brow That! is certainly a hit. What instantly pleased me even before trying it, is that not only does it come with a wax and powders, it also comes with a brow pencil for filling in which is a great addition and always needed in my eyes. I would compare this to Benefit’s brow zings if I had to compare but of course, this one is a fraction of the price. Again I found this easier to use my Real Techniques brush rather than the small one provided, the wax worked really well to shape my brows then I filled with the powder and the brow pencil. Finally, I used the highlighter to define my brow bone, I loved the finish look and I certainly am converted to this fantastic brow kit and for £5.99 you really can’t go wrong!

Define & Conquer Contour Kit £5.99

Contouring is something I think I’ve only recently mastered, I have swapped from powder’s to creme more times than I care to recall. I have finally found a great budget combination so I was skeptical to how much I would like Seventeen’s contour kit. The dark powder is great it’s very similar to what I use now and gave a nice glow on my cheeks. I only really tend to contour my cheeks and nose as I just don’t suit my whole face being contoured. Secondly, I tried the lighter powder as a highlight for me I didn’t feel it gave the same shimmering dewy glow I get from current one. So sadly, the highlight fails for me on this one but I will still use the darker powder as it is great.

Seventeen Make Up First Impressions

 Skin WOW! Concealer £4.99

I was really excited to try this concealer as it certainly looks like a YSL dupe. I’ve tried the Boots No 7 dupe before and didn’t think much of it so how will the budget version compare in Seventeen? Well, personally for me acne is my biggest problem and this just didn’t quite cut the heavy coverage I like on my acne. I currently use Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up concealer because it is heavy coverage. I did however, try this around my eyes and I actually preferred Seventeen’s WOW! concealer to the current highlighter pen I use for my eyes. It instantly helped to reduce discoloration around my eyes and help tame my tired looking eyes. I’m happy I’ve found a great new product to help brighten up my eyes and if you don’t like a heavy concealer coverage this will also make a great all round concealer.

Long Lash Mascara £6.99

This is the latest mascara to be added to the Seventeen range and after finding my go to mascara from Charlotte Tilbury recently I was really intrigued to see how it would compare. The wand is a small and elegant one as I like to call it, this mascara really did lengthen my lashes. Now it does what it says it’s supposed to but for me, this mascara didn’t suit my needs. I am already blessed with long elegant lashes so for me I need a thick, lash building mascara which makes them stand out. If you have smaller lashes then I can see how this mascara would work wonders for you but we all need different things from a mascara and while this was good it’s just not suited to me sadly.

Thank you to the lovely team at Seventeen for sending these products across for me to try for the first time. Let me know your thoughts on Seventeen products in the comments below, and you can view the full range of Seventeen beauty products on the Boots website here.

Emma xx
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