I love trying new brands and when Arkana approached me about trying their new i-TECH Detox Therapy range, I couldn’t wait to see what this range had to offer. The range claims to protect the future of your skin by blocking out radiation – blue light, HEV light, devices, air pollution and even weather conditions. We’re always so quick to protect our body from the inside, but do we really pay enough attention to what our skin absorbs from the outside world?

Not only can you get this new range to use at home but also as a treatment in salon’s that use Arkana products. The i-TECH Detox Therapy range developed separately for men and women is aimed at most ages and lifestyles. The range also claims to help reduce negative effects of stress, lack of sleep and fatigue which hell we all need! This digital detox for your skin certainly seems appealing and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

360 i-TECH Detox Day

This face mist is a new combination of cerium oxide, platinum and Citysystem – an active substance that protects against environmental factors, radiation, pollution and smog. It reduces the effects of fatigue and has refreshing properties. Arkana suggests applying this facial mist in the morning for a pleasant awakening of the skin and to repeat the application every three hours throughout the day if you feel you need it. After using this mist over the last week I’ve noticed my skin does look and feel more refreshed especially in the morning. It smells really pleasant and really helps boost me during the day if I feel I look tired. It’s really refreshing and dries really quickly so that you can get on with your day.

360 i-TECH Detox Night

This face spray elixir for night contains a unique combination of two substances – Prodizia and Citysystem that supplement shortages of melatonin, thereby accelerating skin regeneration and reducing the effects of fatigue. Your skin will be radiant from the moment you wake up. Once again I’ve been using this facial mist for over a week now and although this is slightly thicker and needs to be massaged in – it left my skin feeling really soft, refreshed and cool.

i-TECH Glow

The brightening powder with transparent formula containing cerium oxide protects against harmful HEV/VIS and UV radiation. In addition, it fixes your make-up and perfectly matches your foundation. I’ve loved using this powder – it sets my foundation really well and makes the perfect top layer for my makeup routine. It also gives me peace of mind that it’s helping and protecting my skin throughout the day.

i-TECH Detox Mask

The three-layer sheet mask includes an original combination of micro-particles of hematite and platinum, that eliminate the impact of polluted atmosphere and the effects of harmful HEV/VIS and UV radiation. Plant extracts with strong antioxidant potential, reduce the signs of photo-ageing and activity of free radicals as well as protect cells’ DNA against deformation. This mask really appeals to me when travelling as especially on long-haul flights your skin can feel really tired and dehydrated. This cooling, refreshing mask is the perfect pick me up for your skin and I really enjoyed relaxing while I had this mask on. Afterwards, my skin felt cool, hydrated and clear. This mask will make a great addition to your weekly pampering routine.

After using the i-TECH Detox Therapy range for nearly two weeks now, I’ve found my skin is really reaping the benefits of feeling more hydrated and refreshed. Although I haven’t noticed any wow effects yet, my skin does really feel and look more refreshed which really appeals to me. On average Arkana advise that it can take up to two months to see effects, however, the key factor of this range is protecting the future of your skin. You can visit the Arkana website here and view the full i-TECH Detox Therapy range. You can also get an EXCLUSIVE 15% OFF with code – emma15. This post was written in collaboration with Arkana. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. I hope you all have a fabulous week! Lots of Love xx

Emma xx
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