Once again another new beauty launch has grabbed my attention. This time from L’Oréal – they’re new Elvive haircare range Dream Lengths. I first saw this new launch all over Instagram and wanted to find out more. Although this range is designed for longer hair I thought I would give it a go and see what all the fuss was about.

Now I know your probably thinking ‘Emma, it’s for long hair and you have short hair’. What drew me to this range initially, was the claim to help restore and protect split ends so that you don’t need a haircut constantly. Since lightening my hair further, the condition of my hair has really suffered and I’ve found I get a lot more heat damage and split ends nowadays. So although yes, my hair is short – I really think this range could help maintain a healthy condition and improve my hair’s heat damaged state.


There are four products in the Dream Lengths range – the restoring shampoo, detangling conditioner, saviour hair mask and no haircut cream. The mask is designed as a once a week deep conditioning treatment and the no haircut cream a heat protection cream you apply before using heat to wet or dry hair. The range is really affordable and you can currently get some great offers on these products at Boots. I was really excited to pick up this range and couldn’t wait to give my hair the nourishment it so needed.

The whole range smells divine, it’s really pleasant and the shampoo also has an added sparkle which I really loved. I don’t know why but I felt like the sparkle would somehow leave my hair red carpet ready! I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner for two weeks now and using the saviour mask once a week. I’ve also been making sure to use the no haircut cream before blow drying my hair to help protect it. Even after the first wash, I noticed my hair felt in much better condition. It felt smooth, silky and most importantly hydrated.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed my hair has really improved in hydration, softness and my split ends are becoming less visible. I’m really happy with the results from the Dream Lengths range so am going to continue using it. So although this is aimed at long hair – it has successfully transformed my short, heat-damaged hair back into luscious balayage locks. Would I recommend this range? Yes, I would – I do feel no matter what your hair’s length, this range will help restore any heat-damaged hair.

You can shop the full L’Oréal Elvive Dream Lengths range here on the Boots website. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below and whether you’ve tried this range out yet? I hope you’ve enjoyed it and have a fabulous week. Lots of Love xx

Emma xx
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  1. Shar

    Yes I agree it really works, it has strengthened my hair so well and smells divine.

  2. Lucy taylor

    Its lovely emma ive had my hair cut rather short and it drives me mad at min lol as its taking a while to settle back down it maybe easier to manage but so annoying at times my hair has been dyed and lightened so many times its a lovely smell and believe it really works

  3. Unbelievable results . Soft smooth hair looks like I just walked out of salon …I have used many products and have never such outstanding results ,So happy with this hair care line best I’ve used !! And I color my hair as well so it was dry and damaged.

  4. Anjali

    Yes i agree too. This range has made my hair so hydrated and manageable . Before using this range i was facing long term hair fall and stubborn dandruff but after this i felt smoothness and shine to my to my hair so let me say this, this thing is real and better as compare to other shampoos and conditioner which i have been using for long time. You know guys after this range i started using hair styling toolset as well which i stopped using them like ages ago.

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