Having tried Pixi Beauty products in the past and having loved them, I got really excited when a big parcel arrived for me in the post. I wasn’t expecting this package at all which made the contents inside even more exciting. Inside were the new Pixi Pretties products all in a very pretty package. Pixi Beauty has been busy working with three top-rated beauty bloggers to create a brand new range of fantastic additions to their brand with – Dulce Candy, Chloe Morello & Weylie Hoang. I couldn’t wait to try these beauties products out and fall in love with some brand new palettes.

Dulce Candy

Now, these two palette’s have me seriously hooked. The eyeshadow palette has been giving me life and I will say it now – is my favourite out of the Pixi Pretties range. Although they are all shimmery tones, they are all equally stunning and look absolutely flawless when blended in. I’ve created quite a few looks with this palette already, and have really enjoyed shaking up my daily makeup routine and stepping out of my natural colour comfort zone. I am obsessed with this palette now and can’t recommend it enough for people like me – who are scared too and really don’t know how to experiment with eyeshadow colours. Although I’m more of a matte liquid lipstick kinda gal, I did enjoy trying these beautiful lip glosses in Dulce Candy’s other palette. My favourite shades in this palette are Alma & Canela. To my pleasant surprise, this lip gloss palette does dry matte and isn’t sticky at all.

Chloe Morello

This palette really had me intrigued because it’s not only a blush and eyeshadow palette it also has a trio of brow powders. Personally, the brow colours were a little too dark for me, and I felt I could achieve more shape with my current brow promade from Makeup Revolution. The blush colours were really nice, but personally, I prefer a more contoured look so would have prefered a contour kit in this palette more. The lip icing in shade ‘Cake’ is certainly eye-catching, full of glitter and would look great if you wanted a metallic look. Personally, I just don’t like wearing lip glosses and something as bold as this would send me over the edge. It is a stunning colour for those of you who like to make a statement with your lip colour.

Weylie Hoang

Although I’m sold with the Dulce Candy eyeshadow palette and have really enjoyed trying out new looks. I have been using some of the colours from the Weylie Hoang eyeshadow palette also. Again these are great earthy shades for a more natural look, which I personally prefer – although who can resist a bit of shimmer! The eyeliner pen is really easy to use and after being used to using a brush with my Rimmel London liquid eyeliner, it’s taken me a while to adjust to using a felt tip liner like this and still achieve a flawless flick. The kohl eyeliner on the other end is great and doesn’t smudge under your eyes throughout the day which is a big bonus for me.

I’ve really enjoyed trying out the new Pixi Pretties range, and after trying all of these products – I have to say the Dulce Candy palettes are my favourite. You can visit the Pixi website here and view the full Pixi Pretties range. Thank you to the lovely Pixi PR team for kindly sending me these goodies to try. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I hope you all have a fabulous week! Lots of Love xx

Emma xx
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