I can’t believe that I’ve lived in my beautiful home a year already! The past year for me has absolutely flown by. Whilst celebrating my home anniversary and being two years financially independent – I wanted to show you a look inside my home and showcase my favourite parts.

When manifesting my dream home, white and grey were certainly on my wishlist and boy did I receive! I’ve been able to decorate my home to these colour schemes and even add notes of pink. It’s taken me a year to get this spot on but I’m now so happy with the layout and placement of all of my furniture.

The living room has probably changed the most with a brand new mirrored coffee table, grey rug and even a new TV stand. By removing the shelves I had next to my TV it’s opened up space and allowed much more light into the room. I’ve also a lot more greenery and plants which I absolutely love and of course more crystals! I’ve also added more artwork to the living room above the TV and next to the door. All my amazing prints are from Desenio.

The kitchen is very much the same apart from a small addition of my dream grey Kitchen Aid. It goes perfectly with the grey tiles and white colour scheme of the room. As you will see in my full house tour update video on Youtube I’ve also added in more artwork in the kitchen.

Upstairs, in my bedroom not much has changed apart from the cushions and throw on my bed. I’ve also added some new ornaments on the windowsill and changed the mirror on top of my IKEA drawers.

In the spare room (or my office/getting ready room), there have been big changes. I’ve updated my makeup table and bought this gorgeous light-up mirror which again has allowed more light in the room. I’ve also changed my desk and chair, I got these both from made.com and absolutely love them, so did Mr C so much so he actually copied me! I love my office space so much now and it certainly makes my working life easier.

So I hope this has given you a great insight into my beautiful home a year on, as I mentioned you can watch my full house tour update on my Youtube channel below which will feature the changes more closely. I’m so grateful to be living in my dream home and have such a great space to enjoy life and my work. I can’t wait to create even more memories this year. I hope you all have a fabulous week, Lots of Love xx

Emma xx
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  1. Really lovely home Emma, love the decor! x

    1. Thanks Caroline! X

  2. You have such a fabulous home, so calming and full of positive vibes!! I would like to know where you got your copper/white desk light from it’s so lovely. thanks Helen x

    1. Hey thank you! I believe it’s from Maison du monde x

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