To celebrate the launch of my new 50-page PDF course and workbook ‘Grow Your Wellness Business Online’ this week I wanted to share with you my 5 top tips for growing your new or established business which you can implement today…


Being consistent with your platforms and your business is vital in the success of your online venture. In a world ruled by social media, growing your business online means you need to step up your social media game. Although many watch me post every single day on most platforms and think that’s ‘the secret’ it really does need to be personal to you. You don’t want it to feel like a chore or a bother to you because you want your vibes to be in the right place. So create yourself a content calendar which is doable for you even if that’s posting three times a week at least you’re being consistent and showing up. There is no secret time of the day to post and it really will be unique to your brand – you can see in many of the apps analytic tools you’re peak times of interaction with followers. If you can’t work it out then my best advice is over the course of a week post at different times of the day and see which posts do well for you.

Free Content

Creating free content in your wellness brand is a must, especially if you’re a coach you need to be able to create trust with your potential clients. Especially if you’re just starting out people want to get a taste for your work, for who you are and what your methods are. So putting yourself out there and creating a personal feel to your brand will help people make an informed decision and be able to connect with you, hopefully leading to sales. There is no right or wrong on how much you should create or on what platform but once again make sure you’re being consistent with it. Whether it’s blog posts, videos, podcasts etc make sure that the user can get real value from your content and of course, you can then use this platform to promote anything you wish to your followers.

Utilising All Platforms & Keywords

Another great tip is to make sure that you’re utilizing all platforms and using the correct keywords for your niche. These can also be used as hashtags depending on which platform you’re using. My best advice is to focus on one platform initially and make sure you nail that first. Look at what keywords and hashtags are popular in your niche and make sure to use these each time in your descriptions and hashtags. You can also mirror your content if you’re struggling for different content to post on social media each day.

Charge In Alignment 

Another question I get asked repeatedly in my coaching sessions is ‘how much should I be charging?’ There is a lot of bullshit online about this and I’ve heard crazy stories from clients about what they’ve been advised beforehand. I also say go with your intuition and realistically look at what your time/advice is worth. If you’re just starting out be honest with yourself and offer a discounted rate to get clients in the door this will create a regular income for you as you grow. If you are charging a figure that doesn’t feel in alignment for you – do you think you’re going to confidently attract clients? Also, establish who your dream client is, do they have this money available? Do you want to also have accessible options? Think about whether your target client would have this money to part with and feel comfortable doing so. Through my own experiences, I’ve learnt that commitment is a very intimidating concept for clients and while it’s not impossible I’ve found that most will want to sample a session or two first before they commit. So think about having multiple level packages that make it accessible and fair to both you and your client.

Don’t Presume People See Your Content

Another trap I see many fall into is presuming your followers know what you do and see your content. Do not presume people read things – because they don’t! You or I might take the time to read information but we live in a generation where quick and easily digestible information is key. Make sure your bio’s and descriptions are short and to the point. Make sure it’s clear to the follower/client what you do, what links they need to go to and what they can get from your social platforms. Also, don’t think you’re talking about your paid content too much – normally we don’t talk about it enough! Algorithms mean that with Facebook for example only 7% of your followers will see organic content posted. So not everyone will see every single post you put out there, so make sure that at least once a week you’re talking about your projects and paid for content to refresh people’s minds.

I hope this blog post has really served you and given you some useful tips and tools to go away and implement in your business. If you want to learn more about my new course ‘Grow Your Wellness Business Online’ then you can do so here and for this week only it’s £33 instead of £44! As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I hope you all have a great week whatever you’re up to and I’m sending you all lots of love xx 

Emma xx
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