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With Christmas upon us next week I wanted to take the time to reflect with you the lessons I’ve learnt throughout 2018. I think most of us can agree it’s been one hell of a learning curve year and I’m thankful many astrologers are saying next year will be a walk in the park in comparison!


Trust seems to be the word that has ruled my year – for many reasons I’ve not known what’s lied ahead of me for once in my life I’ve had to blindly trust. Trust that everything will be okay, trust that the Universe has my back and trust that I’ll always end up where I’m meant to be. This has been a big test for me as I’ve always been such a control freak when it comes to my life, I’ve been able to truly release control and flow with life. It’s taught me all we have is the present moment and that’s all we ever have power over. I’ve been able to finally live in the present moment and be present in life.

The Universe Knows Better 

Again another hard pill to swallow this year was things not working out how I’d imagined. Both in my career and personal life I had this set plan in my head of how this year would go and absolutely none of it happened how I imagined. The Universe knew better and this year has been an incredible year for my career, I’ve achieved mind-blowing successes I thought impossible this time last year and overall this has been the year of my career. From being awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the Soul & Spirit Magazine Awards for the ‘Most Inspiring Life Coach’ next to Louise Hay, having two cover stories in the magazine and of course signing my book deal. I’ve launched incredible products this year for my merchandise range and one incredible one which will be launched next week! This year has proved to me that we’re not meant to know everything beforehand and it’s okay when life takes a big diversion because we’re always exactly where we’re meant to be.

To Love Myself More

This isn’t vain it’s self-love and self-care which is the most important relationship we will ever have in this life. This year I’ve learnt that all the love I was giving to others so freely I needed to give myself. I owned that I’m loyal (more than the Love Island girl haha) and that it was a good thing that even after being hurt so many times that I could still see the good in people and love them. I learnt that we have to let people walk out of our lives freely and let go of attachment. The right people will always stick by you and it was a call to go within and give myself this love once again.

That  I’m Indestructible 

I’ve had incredible highs this year as well as incredible lows – I’ve shocked myself and loved ones with my strength and how I’ve dealt with every situation that’s been thrown at me this year. I can’t tell you how I got through these tests other than I had to. I had no other option but to support myself and rise up again. That’s the crazy thing about life we just seem to handle it – remember the Universe only gives us what we can handle. Now at times I questioned it all and questioned if I really could handle this but looking back I did it all. Hitting another rock bottom allowed me to expand, re-evaluate my life and once again see proof that I don’t give up. Even my loyalty to myself, purpose and happiness.

That Relationships Aren’t  Perfect

This is one that took a while but I learnt to accept. I saw a powerful quote on Instagram that changed my whole perception of my relationship. ‘Shoutout to the women who aren’t afraid to be with a man who’s a work in progress and build him up. Too many women want a finished product these days’. It was a drop a mic moment as I realised I wanted perfection. I haven’t spoken about my relationship that openly for a while simply because we’ve been navigating through the twin flame journey and trying to understand what the heck is going on. In this quote I realised would I really have chosen a perfect person to come into my life? I’m not perfect, so why do I expect him to be?

I remembered I haven’t chosen much the easy way in life so why would this be any different. If I was to just receive the perfect man as my dream man what could I teach people? I have preached about authenticity for most of this year and how we shouldn’t strive for perfection – yet here I was expecting perfection from my twin flame. I kept hearing people’s opinions on my relationship and their perfect relationships and I knew this was bullshit. Nobody has a ‘perfect’ relationship – sure you may have had an easier ride but we’re ALL different and have different life paths. When I really dug deep and spoke to older friends who had been married for some time I saw a pattern that no one’s journey was the same and that hardships come at different times in relationships. Some at the beginning, some after kids etc – the main theme I saw throughout was knowing things would work out eventually and unconditional love. Now if you’re in an abusive relationship this is completely different and I’m not saying these rules apply – but what I am saying is no one is prepared to work at anything or forgive anymore. We live in a world where we feel everything is replaceable and if someone fucks up then cut them off. Your soulmate is the one person you DO work at this for and accept that you’ve come here to expand one another. I became sick of hearing all these people online talk about co-dependency and if your man does ANYTHING wrong he’s karmic and it’s over. Well, I can tell you for a fact that’s not the case, this all comes back to you listening to yourself at the end of the day. Always, no matter what I say or anyone else you know your truth and no one can tell you any different. This is your life, your lessons and sometimes having traditional values isn’t a bad thing when we live in a world where people believe that everything can be replaced so easily. If it was easy would it be worth having?

“Shoutout to the women who aren’t afraid to be with a man who’s a work in progress and build him up. Too many women want a finished product these days”

I wish I could end this blog post saying how freaking amazing 2018 has been and paint a rosy picture of my life – but that’s not me. I’m not going to sit here and fabricate my life to make it sound better. 2018 was hard, really hard but we need these types of years to shape us into who we’re meant to be. No one talks about the hardships in life – real life. It’s important that we don’t feel alone and talk openly about our struggles. We’re real people having a real human experience. Next year I’ve intended a year of ‘ease’ that’s my keyword. I’m intending a year of peace, love and happiness and I know so many of you will relate to this post. This year has been tough collectively both globally and our own karmic experiences. So I ask you to join me in intending ease for us all next year and intending love of all forms for ourselves and others. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and can’t wait to toast in 2019 a year of happiness, abundance and joy for us all. Thank you all for supporting myself and my work this year you honestly don’t know how much your lovely comments and love has got me through this year. Don’t forget my book Spiritual Queen is being released on the 3rd January and can be pre-ordered now!  Lots of love xx

Emma xx
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