I can’t believe I’m finally saying this but guys I’ve created my own oracle cards! This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now and always knew what I envisioned them looking like. This has been a six-month process and boy a learning curve so I thought I would show you my Spiritual Queen Oracle Cards and walk you through how I brought them to life.

The Production

So I started creating these cards back in July, after the surprise rejection from a publisher on my book I was determined to birth both of my creations and not let a bizarre no stop me. Charlie and I have known each other for about a year now after she designed one of my beautiful tattoo’s. She has always been into designing because of being a tattooist and we always joked about how one day she would design my oracle cards. Well little did we know that really would happen! So I created all the cards, meanings and gave Charlie a brief on what the cards should look like and she got to work creating these stunning images – the artwork seemed to be the easiest step! The next process was getting these manufactured – I found quite a few printing companies both in the UK and China but problem after problem kept arising with the artwork and after months of delays with sourcing boxes, and finding designers to change the artwork to the specifications the Chinese printers were asking for I hit a great big wall. This was a real learning curve for me as not only was I designing the box, booklet etc I had to learn Adobe Photoshop and illustrator to fix these problems to keep costs down. After months of delays, I made the decision to make my life so much easier and change the box to a tuck box and print here in the UK. I trust my printers as they have printed most of my notebooks and planners so I knew the quality would be great and they would bring my vision to life. I also wanted to support a small business here in the UK and keep my products manufactured here. So after six long but rewarding months my cards were born! When they finally arrived just a few days before Christmas I felt really emotional as not only had I designed and produced my own oracle cards, I myself had come on such a journey creating these cards.

How To Use Them

Now I get to talk about the really exciting bit, how to use my oracle cards! This inspiring 44-card oracle deck offers inspiring messages and advice from the Universe through my inspirational deck. Using this deck will give you guidance, support and loving messages from your spiritual team and the Universe to keep you focused and provide answers to the questions you may have. You can use these cards daily for guidance or anytime you feel you need answers. Trust yourself, trust your intuition and trust the Universe. Oracle cards are slightly different to tarot cards, tarot traditionally has set cards and meanings whereas oracle cards are much more intuitive to you and don’t follow a set rule. I wanted to create cards and meanings that I hadn’t seen before in previous decks and answers that will inspire and guide you along your journey.

You can pull cards in many ways I explain a few methods in the booklet included. You could simply pull a card for the day and place this on your altar. This could be a message that you need to know and that can guide you throughout the day ahead of you. If you have a specific question then you can also ask the cards while shuffling them and pull a card when you feel drawn to or let one fall out. Any that fall out or flip for example are your cards! I like to ask my oracle cards What do I need to know today Universe?’. You will always pull the right card through the law of attraction, you can also address any questions to your Angels if you feel more drawn to addressing them. You could also do a three card spread and inquire about a situation. Your first card will represent the past influences, the second will be your current situation/advice and the third your outcome card. Either way, there is no right or wrong way to use my deck – it is entirely up to you what you feel drawn to. You could even make your own spread!

The Purpose Of The Cards

I created this deck as it’s always something I’ve dreamed of doing. I am so proud of the sassy divine feminine vibes throughout the deck as it’s simply something I’ve never seen done before. I wanted to make my oracle cards relatable and more modern as a lot I own have been out for quite a few years. I wanted to bring my Spiritual Queen vibes to this deck and create something you can use daily for guidance, channelling and to bring love and abundance into your life. Not only do we have beautiful women illustrated throughout we have animals, symbols and even guides. The deck really has it all! I’m so thrilled that Charlie was able to bring my vision to life through her gorgeous artwork for us all to enjoy.

You can purchase my beautiful oracle card deck from my website store and Etsy shop, alongside all my merchandise. The deck costs £19.99 and inside are the 44 cards, a booklet all stored in a gorgeous box which is perfect for popping in your handbag or on the go! Once again I’m shipping worldwide and if you have any questions please feel free to email me or comment on this blog post. Thank you to everyone who has already ordered or sent me lovely messages about the cards – I’m so happy you love them as much as I do. I hope you enjoy using them and don’t forget to tag me in any photos you post of these cards as I love to re-share them @iamemmamumford. I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you’re up to and enjoy bringing in the New Year I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for all of us! Lots of Love xx

Emma xx
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  1. Lis

    Just came across your story. I believe I’m in midst of creating something that can be oracle cards. Hasn’t all unfolded yet lol
    Started researching and Seams overwhelming and impossible.
    Would love some pointers if u would care to share.
    Friend suggested going to local printer. I feel they will cost way more.
    Mine are different type so not sure where to start
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated ?

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