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It’s 2019 finally! Today also marks the day of my first book Spiritual Queen‘s release which I am beyond excited for and hope those who pre-ordered enjoy receiving their books today. This week to kickstart January off I’m also holding a 7-day manifesting challenge over on my Facebook group and Instagram stories so it’s not too late to join us if you’ve only just seen it. Without further ado, this week’s blog post is all about how to manifest the s*** out of 2019!

With a new year ahead of us and twelve months to manifest incredible things into our life, it may seem cheesy but now really is the time to start getting motivated and take inspired action in order to achieve your goals this year. So I wanted to share with you my top tips for manifesting the s*** out of the next twelve months…

Create A Vision Board

You may have one of these already but make one specifically for 2019, this way you can focus more closely on the plans and ideas you have. In bold choose your mantra for the year – a keyword that you want to rule your year. Mine was ‘Ease’ this year, I did put loads of words on my vision board but ease is my mantra and that wonderful happy, positive abundance flows with ease. You can add pictures, emotions or simply words to your vision board – make it really personal and make sure you’re really clear on what you’re asking for so the Universe knows what you want also!

Take Inspired Action

Once you’ve ‘asked’ and set your intentions for the year store your vision board somewhere safe or have it on display. I personally like to keep mine in my manifestation box so I can forget all about it and let go. The next step is taking inspired action every day to work towards your dreams. What one thing could you do every day to work towards your goal? – whether that’s manifesting love, a new job or simply happiness make sure you are putting yourself out there so the Universe can meet you halfway.

“Consistency is key how can the Universe be consistent with you if you’re not being consistent with yourself and practises?”

Create Your Daily Practise

While it’s important to ask and get clear on what you want, it’s also important to create a daily routine that sets you up for a great day and helps you to maintain a high vibration in order to continuously manifest throughout 2019. I personally think doing a morning gratitude practice every day is a must for any Spiritual Queen. Gratitude is the key to feeling good and of course, it helps us to appreciate what we do have so by the law of attraction we attract more of what we’re grateful for and put our energy into. Whether it’s gratitude, meditation or even EFT. Make sure each morning you’re doing your daily practices and sticking to them. Consistency is key how can the Universe be consistent with you if you’re not being consistent with yourself and practises?

Keep Going 

Once January has passed it’s important to keep up this momentum, stick to your practices and feeling good. Make sure you’re regularly working on your self-love and self-care. You could take your vision board out every now and again and visualise how amazing your year will be. What other habits can you change this year to help contribute towards your goals? You can always add to your goals lists or vision boards throughout the year if you feel drawn to focusing on something else for example. There really is no right or wrong answer here it’s all about what works for you and your manifesting style.

Say Yass  To You

Finally, this year make this the year you say YASS to yourself, YASS to life and YASS to your dreams! After a tough 2018 for many of us it’s time to take all of the lessons we learnt last year and change our actions and habits to create change. If you really want to manifest the s*** out of this year the key is to keep working on yourself and happiness – and know that the power really lies within you to bring these dreams into fruition. Make sure this year you can say you said YASS to yourself and lived this year on your terms. You’ve got this Spiritual Queen and I can’t wait to see what magic you’ve manifested into your life this time next year!

If you want to join my FREE 7-day 2019 Manifesting Challenge it’s not too late! You can catch up on all the challenges over on my Facebook group and join in with everyone else who is taking part in the challenge as well as receive expert advice and guidance from me throughout the challenge. Also, if you haven’t got your hands on a copy of my book yet then you can do so here! I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you are up to and as always let me know your thoughts in the comments below. What are you going to do this year to manifest your dream life? Lots of Love xx

Emma xx
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