Recently I’ve been feeling the pressure of social media, to be consistent and to keep up with algorithms. I wanted to highlight what we should be doing when we feel these strains on modern day technology and why sometimes stepping back can be the detox we really need.

Social media has been revelationary over the last five or so years transforming online companies, enabling so many of us to start our dream businesses and reach a brand new audience online instead of traditional advertising. I myself love social media and very often preach the benefits it’s given my life and my career. It connects me with my loved one’s abroad, friends, and it’s even connected me with new friends I’ve met online – not to mention all of you my lovely followers. In a matter of seconds, we can upload and connect to the world but with that comes the shadow side of social media.

I’m no social media expert but through running both my businesses online over the last five years and gaining over half a million followers worldwide I’ve taught myself all the tips and tricks on how to reach your audience more organically and what content my followers like seeing. Over those five years, I learnt that consistency is key and that uploading every day at certain times does help me reach more of you. With this comes pressure, in my old couponing business I was a slave to it every single day I never gave myself a day off because I was the only one who could do it and the people needed their deals. Now in this business, I have a lot more flexibility I don’t have to post every day and nothing bad would happen if I even had a week off. So why do I feel this pressure to post something on every channel of mine every day? Call it routine, call it organised but sometimes when life happens and I need to step back I find it impossible to switch off and detox from my phone.

I feel obliged to post, to share inspiration and to connect with the world. No one has forced me it’s just how our modern day society is especially as an influencer. I wonder what would happen if I missed a day, took some much needed time away from my screen and connected more to the world around me and most importantly the people around me.

So if you’re feeling the pressure to post whether as a brand or simply on your personal profiles – know that we ALL feel that pressure. We’re battling algorithms, to be seen and to create engaging content constantly but what is it all worth? Really our inner world is the most important connection we have. Technology is certainly wonderful if we use it for good – if we post when we feel good and to post authentic, raw content instead of fabricated flat lays for Instagram. We crave real life, real love and real feelings.

So I encourage you if you are feeling under pressure or overwhelmed to post – to take a step back have a detox if you need to, turn your phone off and have some real fun away from your screen. Post only when it feels good and in alignment, and don’t be afraid to post when you’re struggling those raw posts could help someone not feel so alone in this world. We need more authenticity and honesty in the social sphere. Remember people love relatable and if you take time out when you need to you will respect yourself more and have time to focus on all the wonderful thing about yourself. You will appreciate your screen time when you have it and maybe even not need it as much as you learn to step away more naturally.

“Remember the Universe doesn’t work with algorithms if you have a message to share the right people will always see it.”

There really is no right or wrong answer here the key here is to check in with yourself and see what feels right at all times. Don’t just post for the sake of it – post because it feels right and you have a message to share. Let’s use our social media to highlight the highs and lows of life the REAL life, to also share love and positivity into this world. We need to remember that nothing bad will happen if we don’t post, life goes on and it’s okay to take time out give yourself that permission. Remember the Universe doesn’t work with algorithms if you have a message to share the right people will always see it. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post, let me know in the comments below your top tips for stepping away from social media. Don’t forget you can pre-order my NEW book Spiritual Queen now and get a FREE manifestation masterclass all about self-love. I hope you all have a fantastic week, lots of love xx


Emma xx
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  1. Alicelouise

    A technological detox is sometimes indeed just what the Dr ordered!
    I love it when I go away on holidays to the Isle of Mull for a full 2/3 weeks to escape from the fast paced frantic loud madness. Getting signal can be very tricky to say the least. So as long as I have signal to phone my boyfriend back home etc that is all I need and matters. I love getting away to this Hebridean Island to get away from the latest mod-cons. The island itself is a simple way of living. No high street retail shops, no make up counters, no Tescos even!! And definitely no mobile phone shops. Just Living The Good Life! And thank God for it!!

    1. Emma

      Sounds ideal! ❤️

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