After months of designing, planning and working alongside my printers, I am so proud to show you The Positivity Planner. Ever since I launched my merchandise range back in November, you guys have been asking me to create a planner. I love planners personally and use a few, it’s always disappointed me that there were never any Law of Attraction based planners that actually looked Instagram worthy.

At first when so many of you asked for a planner, I felt that it was really unachievable it felt like a lot of designing work and with my book proposal, I kept putting the idea off. I always felt like it would be a next year job as it would take so long. I also wanted to really sit back and think carefully about what I would want in a Law of Attraction planner and what tools and techniques would really benefit you guys each day. So I started off by designing the front cover, then the first few pages and before I knew it I was channelling my creative flow and the planner just happened.

I then started working with the printing company to look at pricing as I was unsure whether to do a 111-day version or 365. I also wanted to explore hardback options, but unless I got these manufactured in China they were going to cost a bomb! It was really important for me to make these affordable and as unique as possible. The name ‘The Positivity Planner’ felt right and once again I found a big gap in the market for these Law of Attraction planners. After asking your advice, I settled on a 111-day planner with extra self-help and self-reflection pages at the beginning. I’ve also added in quotes and other useful techniques to help keep you accountable and in a high vibration every single day. I’ve left the planner undated so that you can pick this up when you need it and not feel pressured to complete it each day – as we all know how impossible that can be sometimes.

I’m so thrilled with how these beautiful planners have turned out, I truly feel I’m holding in my hands the exact vision I had for these planners and who knew how quickly I would get these out also! Thank you all so much for your support and love for these planners already, I’m so thrilled to see all your pictures of you using your planners. I really feel like these are the final perfect addition to my Law of Attraction merchandise range. The planners are priced at £16.99 plus postage, I really looked at current planners available and wanted to make these both accessible and worth your money. These beauties are available to buy on my Blog Shop & Etsy store right now. I would also love to hear your thoughts on The Positivity Planner in the comments section down below. As always please do tag me in any photos you post of my merchandise as I love to reshare them all @iamemmamumford. It’s been such an incredible journey creating The Positivity Planner and I’m just so proud of how these beautiful planners have turned out. I really do hope these planners bring you gratitude, abundance and magic into your life. I hope you all have a fabulous week! Lots of Love xx

Emma xx
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