I often get asked about my tanning routine so I thought it was about time I share with you my all-time favourite fake tanning brand Bondi Sands. With the launch of the Ultra Dark range, this seemed the perfect time to test it out and introduce to you the products I’ve been loving for the last few years.

I started using Bondi Sands around two years ago when it first came to the UK and launched in Superdrug. I’d heard a lot about it from bloggers. The first product out of the range I tried was the gradual tanning milk, this was a great gradual product and gave me a subtle but not too obvious glow. The only downside was that I had to apply it most days to keep it up. So along came my favourite tanning product of all-time Liquid Gold by Bondi Sands. This hassle free product changed my tanning routine completely and leaves me with a gorgeous golden glow week in week out.


So preparation is key when fake tanning, if you get it wrong beforehand it can leave you streaky and with an uneven tan which we certainly don’t want! I start off by exfoliating in the shower, this removes any dead skin and leaves your skin feeling really clean and soft. Once I’m out of the shower I make sure that my skin is well moisturised, so I apply moisturiser to any dry patches of skin and on my hands to protect them from looking streaky (learnt that one the hard way). Once I’ve moisturised, I then get out my tanning mitt and I’m ready to go! The Liquid Gold saves me so much time it sprays on as a liquid and you simply rub it into your skin. It dries within minutes meaning no more standing around in the nude for ages waiting for it to dry. The smell is really pleasant and smells like coconuts. It also doesn’t leave any stains on my clothes afterwards or sheets if I do it before bed. It does take overnight to fully develop but you can see results instantly.


The latest addition to the Bondi Sands range is the new Ultra Dark foam, now being so pale this did panic me when I heard the name! I’m so glad Bondi Sands have released a product for people wanting an even darker tan. We all have different skin tones and for me, the Ultra Dark was just way too dark for my pale skin. I did try a little patch on my leg but it became apparent very quickly that it was not aimed at pale skin, at least I didn’t put it on all over! The Ultra Dark foam I believe is aimed at people who do want an obvious and dark tan, who have maybe tried products in the range already and couldn’t find one dark enough. I also like to top up my tan daily with the new Everyday Liquid Gold Dry-Oil, so this works differently to my usual Liquid Gold I know and love. The Dry-Oil is designed to maintain your tan and help to keep it looking golden for as long as possible. Normally, my tan will last about a week before I start looking pale again with the Dry-Oil it’s now lasting double that as this is a gradual everyday tan also. You could also use this Dry-Oil with other products in the range to achieve an even darker tan gradually.


As you can see the Liquid Gold is the perfect tanning product for my skin tone as it gives me a gorgeous golden glow. It is more golden in the flesh I don’t feel this photo gives my tan justice! The Ultra Dark was just way too dark for my pale skin but for someone with a medium/dark skin tone the new Ultra Dark products would be ideal and give you a noticeable tan.

You can visit the Boots website here and view the full Bondi sands range. A big thanks to Bondi Sands for sending me these lovely new products to try. This post was written in collaboration with Bondi Sands. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and I hope you have a fabulous week!

Emma xx
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