Beauty brushes have become my number one beauty obsession at the moment. I hadn’t heard of Blank Canvas Cosmetics before so I was really excited to try the Irish beauty brand. On their website, they sell everything from beauty blenders to brush sets. They also have a dedicated Vegan section with a selection of brushes, which I think is a great addition to the brand.


Solid Brush & Sponge Cleansing Soap £12.86

Washing my brushes and beauty blender can become a chore, I always think to myself ‘Can I use these for just one more day?!’ Blank Canvas Cosmetics have made this painful task easy and faff-free. Their brand new solid brush and sponge cleansing soap is simple to use all you need to do is moisten the soap with some water, rub the brush bristles over the soap lather, rinse in lukewarm water and finally leave to dry. Taking care of your brushes is vital in maintaining the quality and avoiding bacterial build-up which can harm both your brushes and you, I always find when I’ve been naughty and not cleaned them for over a week I break out in spots. So I do highly recommend getting something to clean them with weekly, I normally use baby shampoo, but I did find this soap was also great and made the process quick and pain-free.


Bc Standee Pouch £16.93

I’ve never invested in a brush holder before now only because I normally shove them in my makeup bag. This is probably why my brushes haven’t lastest long in the past and always look filthy! Since using this standee pouch it’s really been useful in keeping makeup off other products and you can also stand the brushes up which is even more useful. I’m able to fit all my brushes and even my beauty blender in this and it makes them all really travel-friendly which is great seeing as I never seem to have a week at home at the moment.

Hot Pink & Gold Brush Range

The brushes I chose out of the range where F33 Extreme Contour Brush (£12.70), F41 Flat Tapered Cheek Brush (£12.70), F01 Quick Brush (£13.55) and F08 Dome Buffing Brush (£12.70). I felt these four brushes would cover all my brush needs and I love the hot pink colour, it goes well the Standee Pouch. My favourite brush to use is the F33 Extreme Contour Brush as it finally gives me an easy way to contour. Contouring is certainly hard enough, but after using this brush I now find it so easy to create that Instagrammable contour look with my Charlotte Tilbury palette. All of the brushes are really soft, and feel luxiourous which I feel makes the price tag worth it.


Master Series, Palette One £29.64

I love a good eyeshadow palette, so when I saw the nude/gold tones included in this master series it got me excited to try it out. Now £29 for an eyeshadow palette does seem expensive, even I’ve never paid that for a palette before! So I certainly had high expectations, I do really like the range of colours in this palette. As you may all know by now I always wear the same gold/neutral colours on my eyes, so for me this is the perfect palette to explore, and yes I did try new colours! I absolutely loved the shade Core on my brow bone it really gave me a bright highlight to make my brows stand out. I used Carmin for a smokey eye and also Hickory. It wasn’t something I felt I could wear as an everyday look, but I would certainly use this palette for a night out.

You can visit the Blank Canvas Cosmetics website here and view the full range. A massive thank you to the PR team, for kindly sending over a selection of gorgeous products to try out. As always, please do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and I hope you all have an incredible week!

Emma xx
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