My curls certainly define my look, It’s very rare for you guys see me without my famous curls. After Remington styled my hair last week at London Fashion Week, I wanted to try out their new Air Plates and see what all the hype was about.

The Remington Air Plates are the world’s first suspended plate straighteners. This unique system that moves freely with your hair to provide maximum contact at every stroke, giving you one-pass styling every time. The styler’s heat up in less than 15 seconds which is super handy. Argos have recently launched the Air Plates for only £79.99. I’m used to using my GHD’s for curling and will admit some curls do take a few attempts. I haven’t tried any of Remington styler’s before so I was excited to try the new Air Plates and see what difference they would make.


They certainly grip the hair tighter, as it closes completely flat unlike standard straighteners. I found they heated up really quickly, I sectioned my hair as normal and began to style. I did find that my hair curled effortlessly and in one stroke, which meant I managed to do it all in 10 minutes instead of my normal 20-minute routine. So not only has this cut my styling time in half, but I am also impressed with how tight the curls were and they lasted all day. My hair felt silky and smooth afterwards and the curls looked really professional. I think more than anything, what stands out for me with the Air Plates is the great value for money and these are certainly more affordable than GHD’s! The suspended plates I think do make a big difference to styling, and I can’t wait to use these time and time again. Some days I do wake up and just feel curling my hair is such an effort, because it used to take me so much time. Now I’ve done it in a record time of only 10 minutes, it certainly frees up my time and makes me feel more excited to style my hair in the mornings.

You can visit the Argos website here and view the Remington Air Plates for £79.99, a big thank you to the PR team at Remington for kindly gifting these to me at London Fashion Week as I have found my love for a brand new hair styler. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and I hope you all have a great week!


Emma xx
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