Baking is such a big passion of mine, although I certainly won’t be entering The Great British Bake Off anytime soon I do think my baking skills have improved over time and I really enjoy trying new recipes. I think my friend’s and family are sick of me baking at the moment as they are all trying to loose weight and I keep baking cakes for them!

BAKING WITH VONSHEF Over time I’ve learnt that there are many great tools out there to help make your baking experience so much smoother and quicker. Vonshef is a brand I’ve recently discovered after purchasing my Copper stand mixer on a Black Friday deal on Amazon. Since falling in love with my stand mixer which is much cheaper than the Kitchen Aid I have been lusting over for years, I wanted to try more products in the Vonshef range so here is how I’ve been getting on…BAKING WITH VONSHEF

So after using my Vonshef Copper stand mixer for about three months now, I popped onto the Vonshef website and looked at what other goodies I could indulge in to help improve my baking. I ended up getting the ceramic cake stand with a glass dome, the slate three tier cupcake stand and the digital kitchen scales. I must admit before now I never used scales (eek!) I always used to guess with ingredients, which is probably why some cakes didn’t look very Instagrammable! I am really impressed with the scales from Vonshef and the bowl is a great size and cleans easily. It’s just a shame they don’t do it in Copper to match my entire kitchen. The slate three tier stand took some getting used to, the assembly wasn’t great and I found it scratched very easily which isn’t a great trait in my eyes so you need to be very careful with it. The ceramic cake stand and glass dome, on the other hand, make my delicious treats feel complete. Not only is it great for displaying my creations, but it’s also a great storage idea and perfect for someone who bakes professionally! After using these new tools on a few of my baking experiments now I am really glad I got them, the scales have made my life so much easier and the ceramic cake stand really adds the finishing touch especially in photos. I probably wouldn’t buy the slate cupcake stand again, only because it wasn’t easy to assemble and the slate did break off easily and scratch I think this would be problematic especially with children. Overall I’m glad I took more time to explore the Vonshef range and can’t wait to post more recipe’s on my blog for you all to make at home.

You can visit the Vonshef website here and view the entire range. Thank you to Vonshef for sending me some of the products featured to try out, and as always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. I hope you all have a great week!

Emma xx
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