So I was first introduced to Clinique’s collaboration with Crayola about a month ago when Amanda and I stumbled upon the photo booth stand in Selfridges London. Now Amanda and I can never miss a photo booth opportunity so with the intention of getting some great photos, we actually ended up learning about the range and trying it out.CLINIQUE CRAYOLA - CHUBBY LIP CRAYON BOX

The pop-up stand in Selfridges was so much fun, we were able to colour in our print outs and relive our childhood memories of using Crayola. There are eight colours in the range Brick Red, Wild Strawberry, Mango Tango, Melon, Mauvelous, Pink Sherbert, Fuzzy Wuzzy and Red Violet. You can purchase these legendary chubby sticks for £17.50 each or purchase a limited edition box from Selfridges which includes all eight shades for only £35. Now, these are the miniatures but even if you bought them separately it would cost you £70. Instantly my money-saving alarm went off and Amanda instantly knew this was the perfect purchase to add to her makeup collection. I didn’t end up buying these but of course, I instantly regretted it as soon as we walked out of Selfridges. So fast forward to a few weeks later, after reading reviews online and being haunted by how much I could save on these limited edition chubby sticks, on our next visit to the big smoke I made my purchase! CLINIQUE CRAYOLA - CHUBBY LIP CRAYON BOX

The box sets are exclusive to Selfridges, but you can also purchase them online. Amanda made a great point in the fact that if I didn’t like or use all of them in the set, that they would make great Birthday presents for friends or even for Christmas this year. You could even go halves with your friend and share them! Either way, Selfridges have made the limited edition Crayola range both affordable and savvy. So onto the quality and the colours themselves, normally I wouldn’t go for a moisturising lip crayon. I tend to go for matte lipsticks which can leave your lips feeling dry and irritated after a while. My go to colour out of the range is Fuzzy Wuzzy a stunning browny nude, although I was uncertain of the shimmer at first I did end up really loving the shade and have been wearing it most days now. Not only does it leave my lips feeling moisturised and hydrated but the colour lasts a long time.

You can visit the Selfridges website here and view the limited edition Crayola range. As always please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to!


Emma xx
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