There is a new monthly beauty subscription brand on the market, but Beauty Pie certainly brings a new way to look at monthly subscriptions. Here I’m going to show you why you will never have to pay full-price again for high-end makeup.

Founded by the creator of Soap & Glory, Beauty Pie is not like other monthly subscription boxes, you’re not sent a box each month with randomly selected products. Essentially, you pay £10 a month to have access to purchase products from their website. So how can this save you money? Well with this exclusive access each month you’re able to buy make-up at the factory cost instead of retail price. So the products themselves are their own brand, but they are all supposedly made in the same factories and to the same quality as high-end make-up brands. This is my first time trying Beauty Pie and after hearing so much about it online, I couldn’t wait to see how much I could save.


So altogether my first box from Beauty Pie cost £34.15, this breaks down to the £10 monthly access cost, £21.16 of products and delivery was £2.99. The monthly access is for a minimum of three months which I didn’t originally see when signing up, and each month you get a £100 shopping allowance and an extra £50 on top of that on month one. So I selected £150 worth of products and only paid £34.15 not bad really! Delivery was really quick and I loved how the products came packaged. So now on to the product quality…

“A brief calculation reveals it will cost you around £20 for £100 of stuff ” Nicola Moulton, Beauty Director BRITISH VOGUE

Now I must start off by saying the lipsticks are my new favourite lip products, I went for the ‘Cowboy Nude’ Matte lipstick and I can’t get over how beautiful the colour is and how flawlessly it sits on my lips. If you watch my Youtube video’s you will notice I’ve been wearing it the last few videos. Next up was the primer, now I really struggle to find a primer that suits my needs, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I absolutely love the floral fragrance to the primer, once on it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and mattifies my skin ready for my foundation to go on top. The concealer I sadly didn’t like as it just wasn’t full enough coverage, it’s a very light concealer and I certainly need a heavy one at the moment to reduce redness and hide my acne. The illuminating powder is certainly Instagrammable, but it also adds an illuminating shine to your contour, I’d probably only wear this on a special occasion as I feel it’s too bright for daytime but it’s a fantastic highlighter. The mascara is lengthening I loved how long it made my lashes, but again sadly I don’t feel it tops my L’Oreal mascara I currently use. Finally to the great skin foundation, now I struggle with picking shades online I don’t know why I can just never get it right so I do prefer going into a shop to buy foundation. To my delight, I actually picked the right colour for once (Light 300 Beige). I really like this foundation actually, it’s quite lightweight but has great coverage too and leaves your skin feeling smooth also, I feel this would be a great foundation for the Summer when you don’t want to wear a tonne of makeup in the heat.

Overall, I am really impressed with my Beauty Pie subscription this month, I love that I can choose what I want to receive and that I am saving money. I don’t feel I would need to order products every month that’s my only issue with this service, but the lipstick has run out in a month as I’ve been using it so much! You can visit the Beauty Pie website here and as always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Emma xx
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  1. Great find Emma – that’s why you are the Coupon Queen – what a bargain!

    1. Thanks Amanda <3

  2. Hi there
    Actually wondering if I’m the same shade as you… as I might be a Beige too… What colour do you wear in mac or Bobbie Brown? Help appreciated!

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