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I first came across Bloom & Wild 3 months ago thanks to the world of blogging. I love having fresh blooms in my working space and normally spend £5 a week on Supermarket bouquet’s. So why do I get a flower subscriptions box well I’m about to show you the wonder that is Bloom & Wild.

A subscription costs £15 a go and you can set it up to be fortnightly or monthly deliveries. I personally went for the monthly subscription as they last so long I really don’t need them every 2 weeks! This is my third bouquet now which shows you just how addicted I have become. The packaging is lovely and really brightens up my day when they arrive as I love the surprise factor. I have not yet been disappointed in the selection I have been sent, I think that’s because I love all flowers I’m not too fussy on that front!

The flowers come with protective netting which keeps them extra safe and ensures no casualties when you unbox them, delivery is also free which is a bonus! You get a little sachet of flower food as well which really makes them last a very long time. The first bunch I received ‘The Lizzie’ lasted a fantastic 3 weeks and was still going strong, the flowers are incredible quality and everyone always asks who sent me these gorgeous flowers.


I usually spend £18-£20 a month on supermarket flowers, although their great they do only last 3-5 days which is a great shame. This way I can save some money each month and have these fantastic quality blooms brightening up my home for most of the month. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried Bloom & Wild and what your thoughts are 🙂

Make sure to USE CODE: MUMFORDBLOOMS for 15% OFF your first order! You can visit Bloom & Wild’s website here.


Emma xx
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