How To Find The Right Broadband Package For You

When I moved into my new home back in November my broadband was the most important part of the move, one because I need it to deliver amazing deals to you all daily and secondly to secure a good deal!

If you’re anything like me scouring the web for the best broadband deals sounds like a endless task and very time consuming. I originally did my usual searches on deal websites and Google. Not having much luck I turned to a great website called Broadband Choices.

All I had to do was type in my postcode and like that 15 incredible deals appeared instantly on my screen. For me it was all about fibre broadband, which as we all know costs enough as it is. This fab website not only condensed the best deals down into one helpful list, it was clear what I would be paying over the course of the year and any benefits on top.

Broadband Choices

Not only do they find you the best broadband deals suited to your area, they also have an amazing tool to help you find the best mobile phone contracts and even TV deals. Many providers also offer fantastic perks. For example, at the moment broadband with Sky comes with £100 M&S vouchers, BT are offering £30 cashback and Fuel are giving away a FREE Amazon fire stick for all new customers!

In the end as I wanted TV as well I went with the Sky package and got a massive discount and vouchers for joining. Once I had completed the checkout process with Broadband Choices, I actually called Sky to see if I had made a big mistake and for once they actually couldn’t offer me a better package! I was really happy with this and certainly felt the man off the Money Supermarket adverts who just got a fab deal 😀

So make sure to take a look on Broadband Choices website to find the best deals in your local area and start saving today!

Emma xx
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  1. Kate Smith

    This was a great deal to choose for Broadband Choices.The best things you do is to choose the best bandwidth with fast internet

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