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Last Week’s Stock Pile Blog Post went so well I thought this week we should discuss Coupon Wallet’s. So what do you store your coupons in?

Many followers have mentioned in the past they think that Coupon Wallet’s are a unnecessary luxury which us Couponer’s waste money on. This is true but I personally only spent £1.29 on mine from Wilko’s nearly 2 years back it was called a cheque wallet. There are many on the market but they are hard to find . Most one’s on eBay are from America and only fit there small coupons from inserts.

So, why use one? Well for me it’s an form of organistation. My purse is already full of Loyalty cards, train tickets, receipts so why stuff my precious coupons in there to get lost? Having a wallet means I can organise by date and category so I know when to use them by, and I can plan my shop more efficiently and save time at the checkout. As I go along in the supermarket I add them to the front so I can hand them over in one to save the cashier some time. Mine is small enough to fit in my handbag and a great way to store them all, so if you come across a spontaneous bargain you don’t miss out!

I spoke to Crazy Coupon Lady Anastasia who had this to say:

I love my coupon folder, everything is organised into sections, it keeps them all together I can insure I don’t lose any and they won’t go out of date, Also it’s small enough to take everywhere in case I spot a bargain!

There you have it just a few expert opinions on Coupon Wallet’s so what do you think? Vote on our NEW Poll below! and Comment on the Facebook post.

This is the cheapest Wallet I can find now, Wilko’s have stopped selling them it is on Amazon and is

£3.85 Delivered:


Emma xx
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