Glossybox x Nars Review

When 9am on November 16th struck I frantically refreshed the page I had been sent in order to get the Glossybox & Nars collaboration. I expected high volumes of traffic on the website and this box selling out within minutes…

So much hype had been created surrounding the launch of this designer Glossybox and I admit I was reeled in hook, line and sinker. I use Nars foundation and I have tried some other products in the past and loved them. This for me was the perfect chance to try more products in the range but for a fraction of the price…well so I thought. I will be honest I didn’t do too much research on the box beforehand, now I would of gone back and checked Instagram for reviews and photos posted of the products before buying. This was a complete impulse purchase which sadly has left me £39 worse off.

Yes, £39 for this box! Wow, so a little higher than your average Glossybox but hey it’s Nars? This was the attitude I took and I really wish I had of listened to my mind telling me to not buy it! Delivery was super quick and it arrived 2 days later. I felt like a kid at Christmas opening all their presents at once, to find that the full-size luxury make-up I had expected were all mini’s!!

Here is what is included in the box:

Blush – Orgasm

Satin Lip Pencil – Rikugien

The Multiple – Orgasm

Larger Than Life (Long Wear Eyeliner) – Via Veneto

Audacious Mascara – Black

I am absolutely gutted that I spent £39 on these mini’s I really did expect at least one full size product. That will teach me for getting all excited and blind buying! Although I do still want to try the products and am excited to, I am disappointed with the value for money in this box. I would say this would of been better at the £20 mark not £39. I’m not sure if you can still get the box but in my opinion don’t bother, go into your local Nars stand and get the consultant to show you all these incredible products they will also give you a few samples. Once you’ve found a product you love get the full size. It will still probably be cheaper than this box 🙂 This hasn’t put me off Glossybox or Nars I just think in the future I will be more careful when buying a box like this for so much money.

“Don’t hold back. Be Bold. It encourages others to do the same.” Francois Nars

Emma xx
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  1. Danielle

    That’s a shame you aren’t happy with the box. I think it’s really good for the price, as long as you like everything in the box. I rushed online to buy it too 🙂

    They did mention they are mini’s or I at least read somewhere stating they are mini’s, as so many big bloggers got them weeks before to review.

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