How To Have A Scaringly Cheap Halloween!

With Halloween creeping in as we hit October it’s time to start spending more money in the lead up to Christmas. No, you don’t and here is why, with Recipes, Tips and Clothing galore here is how not to be out of pocket this Halloween!



Some of you may already have costumes from times gone by, but with Kids constantly growing and new trends coming in here are some great links for cheap attire which won’t Bewitch your Wallet.

F&F – have a great selection for both Kids & Adults Costumes that won’t leave you shrieking.

Wilkinson’s –  Also have a great costume range Link: 

Matalan – Great Kids & Adult costumed FREE Click & Collect

Even Tilly one of the Excoupuk Pets is all set for Halloween!



Sweets are easy to buy in bulk for the Trick or Treater’s, but what about treating your own family. If you don’t fancy sweets this year, here are some fab healthy alternatives I even made!

Boo-Nanas! (Love it already!)


Original Recipe Link:

See how I got on making these awesome healthy alternatives below!

Spider Cookies 

spider cookie

Simply bake cookies as you would normally, with any yummy ingredients. While the cookies are baking take them out while the chocolate is melting. With a cocktail stick draw legs with the melted chocolate and put back in the oven to fully cook. Simple but a spooky creation!



If you are stocking up on Sweets this year here are some great places to buy cheaply that will leave you Cackling

Asda – They have some great Multi-buy deals

Amazon – Have some great bundles of sweets for next to nothing

Ebay – Also have great bulks of sweets for low prices, great for parties



We all love a Fangtastic Freebie.

FREE Pumpkin Designs – To Print Out

FREE Halloween Templates – Cards, Stickers, Invitations & much more!

FREE Colouring In Pages – To Print Out

FREE Halloween Music – To Download, perfect for any Party

More Halloween Freebies – On Pintrest to Print

Other Fab Recycling Creations –  Great creations all from items already in your home!


Decorations, Accessories & Kits for a Goolish Party 

These sites are fab for picking up cheap decorations, also try Poundland, Home Bargains & B&M Stores.

The Range – FREE Click & Collect

Wilkinson’s – FREE Click & Collect

Hobbycraft– Lots of fab creations for Halloween


Here are some decorations I picked  up from The Range all £1 each!

In Store Offers 

Morrisons – Francesca found all these fab clearance bargains and sale items, also full priced items are 3 for 2 for £1 each!



I hope this has helped you find cheaper alternatives and some great fun this Halloween, let us know if you have any more thrifty tips!

Emma xx
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