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We all want to look and feel good for less, with budget beauty all over the press at the moment. I wanted to put these products to the test and see if they really do beat well-known high street brands. At attractive budget prices, it would mad not to try Lacura Aldi’s answer to luxury beauty.

Lacura AldiCaviar Illumination 3 Minute Cell Renewal Peel Mask (Available 15th May) £6.99

After hearing so much about the Caviar range thanks to the internet, I was really excited to try this mask. Please do read the instructions, as I stupidly went ahead and layered on my skin failing to realise you had to wet your skin beforehand! Once I had followed the instructions properly, it felt really cooling on my face. Which was great as it’s been so hot recently it’s nice to relax with a cooling mask in the evening. It smells so expensive (if that’s a thing?) and comes with a soft brush to help when applying. I really like the packaging it only adds to the expensive feel, I can’t believe this had been dubbed as good as a £292 Swiss brand! Once I had left the mask on for 3 minutes, I washed it off with a flannel. My skin feels so soft and firmer. My pores around my nose looked instantly less noticeable and my make-up felt a dream to apply after using this mask. I will be definitely keeping this up in my weekly skincare routine and at only £6.99 its a beauty must have!

imageedit_17_9192431904Spray On Moisturiser Aloe Vera (Available 15th May) £1.99

I’ve never really been one for raving about body moisturisers, although it is just as important as my face skincare routine. I just never seem to get excited about body products for some reason! I have been using the same Soap & Glory body butter for years now, I’ve never tested or been adventurous with new moisturisers. So when I put this £1.99 spray on moisturiser to the test, I didn’t have high hopes. How wrong was I, not only has it made moisturising ten times easier by being in a spray bottle. The smell is really refreshing and smells of cucumber which I actually really love! It glides onto the skin so easily and absorbs quickly, once absorbed it leaves your skin feeling cool, super soft and smelling lush. I am now fully converted to this Lacura moisturiser and will be stocking up as it is such a steal at £1.99.

imageedit_22_8045694269BB Cream Summer Glow 15SPF £2.49

I’ve been using my Nivea BB Cream for about 4 months now and it really adds a great base to my daily make-up routine. When I first squeezed this out I panicked as it looked so dark, yet is for all skin types. Once rubbed in, it was a little bit to dark for my skin. Then adding foundation and bronzer on top it made me quite orange. This is purely because I am so pale, I’m sure if you are blessed with more tanned looking skin this would suit you well. It sat really nice under my foundation, but I could easily see myself just wearing this on a hot summer’s day when I can’t be bothered to wear make-up. It’s a great a light-weight alternative for when you don’t want a full face of make-up, just sadly it’s a little too dark for me. Still at £2.49 it is much cheaper than other leading BB Cream’s. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this BB Cream and your thoughts?

Emma xx
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  1. lee livsey

    Thanks Emma i have tried their skin care in the past and been pleasantly impressed with it. I will be going there soon to stock up.


  2. Nigel

    The aloe spray has now been discontinued by Aldi. Any idea where to get it much appreciated.

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