Mantra Jewellery Review

Since finding the law of attraction three months ago I’ve been able to transform my life and do incredible things as well as becoming a positive and happy person! More on that another time, but I have been absolutely loving positive home decor and accessories. When I came across Mantra Jewellery I knew I had hit the positivity jackpot, with so many motivational and inspiring pieces to choose from it took me a long time to settle on the necklace I eventually set my heart on.

Mantra Jewellery

All my jewellery is rose gold (if you didn’t know I’m a tad obsessed!), so I wanted something to fit in with that theme. I currently wear a rose gold cross and Tiffany’s heart but I really want a change as I’ve worn the same for three years nearly. I loved the design of the ‘believe’ necklace I chose, it’s elegant, simple and just everything I wanted. When I received this beautiful piece so much thought and attention had gone into the wrapping, presentation and inside the parcel they even include motivational stickers!

The necklace is smaller than I imagined but the quality is great, the sterling silver version is £45 but as I wanted rose gold this came to £58. A little more than I would normally pay for a necklace but this isn’t plated so it’s not going to discolour with use or contact with water. I recently brought a similar rose gold personalised plaque bracelet of Etsy for £24 and because I wore it all the time within a week it had already discoloured and looked awful. So I’m happy to pay a little extra to get a great quality necklace that will last! They have so many designs and themes to choose from on the website so you will be sure to find something that attracts you.

You can visit the Mantra Jewellery website here and feel inspired and positive like I do! You can also get an exclusive 15% off by using code COUPONQUEEN. Thank you to Mantra Jewellery for sending me this beautiful necklace to try. Please do let me know in the comments below you’re thoughts on Mantra Jewellery!

Mantra Jewellery

Emma xx
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