How To Save Money On Your Mobile Phone Bill With Tesco Mobile Xtras

I love saving money as you all know and I often get asked “How do I save money on my mobile phone bill?”. This has always been a tough one to answer as most networks just don’t provide discounts and savings at the beginning of contracts or throughout. It’s always at the upgrade stage once you’ve been a customer for a few years. So I was delighted when Tesco Mobile approached me and asked if I would like to test out the new Tesco Mobile Xtras service.

So what is Tesco Mobile Xtras and how does it work? This is available to Tesco Mobile customers with an Android phone who are on Pay monthly or SIM only deals. So if you are an existing customer this is really simple to set up straight away as explained in the photo below. If you’re not currently a Tesco Mobile Android user then this service is available on their sim only plans and handset contracts. With sim only’s starting from £7.50 there is a great potential here for a bargain each month!

Tesco Mobile XtrasSo how can Tesco Mobile offer you £3 off your bill each month? Well, it works a little like Google Adsense, on average every three times you unlock your phone an advert will appear. Just like with any advert you can choose to click it to view more of the service or simply hit the x and carry on. To try out the Tesco Mobile Xtras service for myself, Tesco Mobile provided a Samsung Galaxy S7, along with a pay monthly Tesco Mobile sim card. I’ve been using the Tesco Mobile Xtras service for a week now and what I really loved about it is when I set up the app I could choose what advert preferences I wanted so I selected Beauty, News and Home & Garden. All the adverts that have appeared have been to those specifications and I do find relevant. Now I am certainly someone who get’s annoyed by adverts so for me I was really intrigued to see if I could handle the adverts all to save £3 a month. Surprisingly, I really didn’t notice them at all.

To put these savings into perspective as £3 doesn’t sound much, the Tesco Mobile Xtras service is suitable for children aged 12 years and above. If you are a family of four for instance, you would save £12 a month by using this service which is a massive £144 a year! So the savings do really add up. I also love the fact that you can cancel this service at any time by just deleting the app, you aren’t tied into any commitments with it. After using the Tesco Mobile Xtras service for over a week now, I am so glad that I’ve given it a good go. I really thought that I would find it annoying but it’s far from it, the app is so simple to set up and use. You really do forget the advert’s are even there, and you’re £3 better off each month! The app uses roughly 100MB of data each month. To compensate users, Tesco Mobile are providing an additional 200MB each month onto your current tariff.

Tesco Mobile Xtras

Here is a great video to help you get your head around Tesco Mobile Xtras
Let me know your thoughts on Tesco Mobile Xtras in the comments below and whether you think it could save you money? You can visit the Tesco Mobile website here to learn more about this great service and the tariff’s they have to offer. This post was written in collaboration with Tesco Mobile.

Emma xx
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