OGX B5 Range Review

I was first introduced to the OGX range last year when I tried the Coconut Water range and fell in love. I couldn’t believe a high-street brand of hair care products could really make my damaged locks look as fabulous as they do today. Since trying the Coconut Water range I have also tried a few other variants OGX have to offer, so today I wanted to show you the latest addition to my hair care routine the B5 range!

After years of home dying and heat damaging my hair, I used to get so frustrated that my hair didn’t look healthy or fabulous. I tried so many different high-street brands and all of them were the same. My hair was dull, lifeless and damaged! I first tried the Coconut Water range late last year when I started going to my new hairdresser (who has transformed these locks!). I honestly believe a mix of having my hair professionally done and using OGX’s ranges have resulted in the repaired, shiny, bouncy hair you see me with today. I couldn’t fault the Coconut Water range but after about five months of using it my hair got used to it and I needed a change. The next products I tried from OGX were the Keratin range. This is Anti-Breakage, repairing and strengthening to your hair. Although my hair didn’t feel as silky smooth as using the Coconut Water. I did feel my hair strengthened over time, looked less heat damaged and I didn’t get split ends as easily as before. One thing I would say is I felt the Keratin range was too heavy for my hair, I think this range suits thicker hair if anything. Again my hair became used to the Keratin range and I needed to change.  OGX B5 Range Review

I decided I wanted the new range I try to help with keeping my hair shiny and nourished. The B5 range is infused with Vitamin B5 and ProVitamin B, this helps nourish the inner layer of every strand with moisture, while rebuilding damaged areas to give your hair a healthy, vibrant glow. This sounded ideal and I couldn’t wait to give it a go. Priced at £6.99 the Shampoo, Conditioner & Oil Mist I feel are such great value for money. I would say OGX easily compare to salon standard products for a fraction of the price. I love the smell of the B5 range it smells like berries, very sweet but not overpowering. One problem I do have with my hair is that it is so weak it falls out easily still, so this is something the B5 range claims to aid and from using these products for two weeks now I can tell you it has made massive improvements. My hair looks more hydrated and it looks shiny even on day two hair. I’ve noticed my hair isn’t falling out as much and the ends don’t feel as heat damaged as before! This is an absolute success in my eyes, although I do miss the sleekness of the Coconut Water range and the smell, but I know I can go back to that range in the future. The B5 range has helped my hair become stronger and able to keep up with my styling demands.

You can visit the Superdrug website here and view OGX’s B5 range. Thank you to OGX for sending me the B5 new range to try, I now have a new favourite!

Emma xx
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