Zoella Lifestyle & Christmas Beauty Review

It’s that time of year again when our favourite Youtubers & beauty brands launch their Christmas collections! This time, Zoella took us all by surprise by launching an entire new Lifestyle range which has already launched on the Superdrug website. I was lucky enough to visit the Zoella Apartment this month and now I’ve had time to put these gorgeous products to the test, I thought I would share my thoughts…

Zoella Beauty & Christmas

Lip Balm Duo £6

This lip balm duo will leave your lips feeling luscious and Christmasy. The Gingerbread lip balm matches the new fragrance and leaves me feeling like I’m in Starbucks ordering my first gingerbread latte of the season. The other lip balm being vanilla in a lovely rose gold tin, this one can be used all year round which I think is ideal and of course the colour!

Deck The Baubles £6

Consistent with the new gingerbread and vanilla Christmas scent. Deck The Baubles can not only be hung on your Christmas tree as a decoration but will be the perfect bath time treat in the dark, cold evenings. I love the smell of this bubble bath and can’t wait to use it again when it’s (officially) Christmas!

Secret Scenta £16 

With four fragrances now on sale, you can have these perfect sized miniatures to pop in your handbag to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. It’s great to be able to have all the classic body mist’s as well as the new Bake My Day Gingerbread & Vanilla scent! The new fragrance smells extremely Christmasy mixed with a Starbucks gingerbread latte. I think this may be a little too sweet for my liking but this set would be perfect for a younger audience looking for something sweeter.

Scooper Dooper £7

Another new bath product is Scooper Dooper, which is being added to the existing beauty line. Mixed with floral notes this bubble bath is perfect for this time of year as it smells fresh and has extracts of Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter to help soften and condition your skin. This is a really nice size product and will last a very long time so for £7 this is a bargain!

Zoella Lifestyle & Christmas Beauty Review

Zoella Lifestyle & Home Fragrance

Lazy Days Candle £10

When I found out Zoella was launching a candle range my heart skipped a beat, not only was this feeding my candle obsession but I knew they were going to smell divine. Lazy Days is my favourite scent out of the range because it smells of fresh linen and cotton. It is the perfect calming fragrance for the room and has a very adult feel which I love. While I think the whole range is exciting some of the products are aimed at a younger audience. I’m relieved the Lifestyle range is aimed at a slightly older audience and we can all enjoy it!

Homemade Treats Diffuser £12

How Zoella has got ‘softly whipped buttercream and gooey salted caramel drizzle over home baked cupcakes’ into a diffuser I will never know, but boy has she done just that! This is my favourite diffuser out of the range and is part of the Christmas home fragrance range.

Write On Point £5

Who doesn’t love pretty stationery? The pastel coloured range looks great together and the pencils will really add to any budding stationery collector’s stash. Each has a sign-off engraved in gold (Hugs & Kisses, Love From, Best Wishes). For £5 I do feel these are a little overpriced for what they are.

Inspire Keyring £6

Anything rose gold and pink have me obsessed, so I was like a magpie with this keyring! An inspiring little motto to dangle off your keys, at £6 you can’t go wrong.

Pottering Around £10

These are one of my favourite products from the Lifestyle range because yet again copper and marble are the loves of my life. I love the words on the front of the pots and they do look great in my office. I filled the gold one up with stationery in the end which looks really effective. These also make great makeup brush holders.

She Designed A Life She Loved Organiser £10

So I’ve saved the best till last with my favourite item, this organiser again will get you rose gold and marble lovers excited. It is a really handy size which I love, with a weekly planner which can be ripped out, note sections and post it notes. This is ideal for stationery lovers and the perfect gift for Christmas!

Zoella Lifestyle & Christmas Beauty Review

You can visit the Superdrug website here to view the Zoella Lifestyle range. Thank you the PR team at Zoella for sending me these gorgeous goodies to try, I am certainly now ready for the festive season. The Christmas collection will be rolled out in stores in the next few weeks alongside the new beauty products. Let me know your thoughts on Zoe’s fantastic new range in the comments below!

Zoella Lifestyle & Christmas Beauty Review

Emma xx
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