Powder x Marc Jacobs Beauty Box

This is the second Powder box I’ve ordered since they launched back in the Summer. I normally end up missing these boxes when they get released, but luckily I spotted an email in my inbox all about the new Marc Jacobs Powder box collaboration.

The email was from Latest In Beauty which threw me a bit, but included was a £10 off discount code making the £40 beauty box only £30 including delivery. Powder is part of the same company as fashion and beauty magazines InStyle and Marie Claire. You’ll only pay for the box with a one-off payment, there’s no subscription. Which makes this box really appealing and means you don’t end up with products you don’t want each month. So let’s take a look inside the Marc Jacobs box…

Powder x Marc Jacobs Beauty Box

Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish – Delphine £15

Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer – Pink Flamingo £22

Magic Marc’er Pen Eyeliner – £22

The High Life: Essential Hues Gel Eye Crayon Set – £20

Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara – Sample

RRP Total – £79

The box was advertised with contents worth over £112, having researched all the products I’m not sure where this figure has come from as all the contents in my box equaled up to £79 plus a sample size mascara. I was really looking forward to trying this box as this really is a designer bargain. My favourite item has to be the Pen Eyeliner as I use eyeliner every day. It’s super easy to use and really does help in creating the perfect wing. I love trying new products in beauty boxes as it’s a great chance to discover new products and for a fraction of the price. Sadly, all 950 boxes sold very quickly and I hoped there would still be some available by the time I posted this review. You can visit the Powder website here and sign-up to email updates so you never miss a new launch again! It’s also worth checking out if there are any discount codes as I always get £10 off these boxes which certainly helps the price look more attractive. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Emma xx
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