Size Styler – The Answer to our clothing prayers

I’m sure all of us can relate to how frustrated we get with clothing sizes. No matter what, you are guaranteed to be a very different size in most UK shops. Size Styler aims to take the stress out of finding the perfect size for you.

Nothing frustrates me more than going into New Look and getting a size 10 top then going into to H&M and crying myself silly because I just had to buy a size 16. Why do shops do this to us! It makes shopping almost impossible and the amount of refunds I have to do from online shopping, it doesn’t feel enjoyable anymore. So what is the solution to this clothing nightmare? Well Size Styler have launched a brand new tool to aid in finding the perfect size for you.

It’s really easy to set up an account, all you need to do is measure yourself and enter the measurements to your own personalised profile. Size Styler then check your measurements across hundreds of brands, including leg lengths on trousers and jeans. They will then suggest the best size for you in each product and filter out anything that won’t fit. You should still check brand-specific feedback on a product before buying, just in case it advises an item comes up small after washing etc. Another brilliant feature of Size Styler is that while you shop they show you the latest deals on the specific product, so they even save you money! You can also edit the search to only search your favourite brands. Here is the really helpful video I followed when setting up my account.

I personally believe this helpful tool has been a long time coming, not only will it help me shop online. It gives me a better understanding of how different shops, size so differently. Plus it makes me feel a little bit better about myself and that I don’t need to go on a drastic diet!

At the moment anyone that creates an account on Style Sizer before 12pm on Christmas Eve will be entered into a prize draw to WIN a £50 Asos voucher, so make sure to open an account as that could be a perfect Christmas surprise.



This post is kindly sponsored by Size Styler for more information and to visit their website click here.

Emma xx
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