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With the sales in full swing I decided to splurge a little on Superdrug’s latest makeup counter addition Makeup Revolution London. This budget friendly brand has had my attention for some time and I couldn’t wait to indulge in all the popular products.

Pro Fix (Oil Control Fixing Spray) £5

This spray smells great, and has a real light feel when you spray it on your finished look. Using liquid foundation I thought this spray would for sure make my makeup run or look patchy but I was pleasantly surprised! It set really well and I noticed towards the end of the day my nose and forehead didn’t look as oily/shiny as it normally does.

Pro Prime (Aqua Priming Base) £6

This primer smells of lavender which I’m not the biggest fan of but it is a subtle smell that fades when you apply makeup on top. Once sprayed the liquid soaks into your pores and leaves your skin feeling soft and primed. I currently use the Nivea BB Creme which is also a moisturiser. I think I will stick to the Nivea creme only because it gives my skin a tint and I felt the added moisture will help protect my skin underneath.

Game Of Mystery Matte Lipstick £2.49

I love a good Matte lipstick and have found it hard to find a equally great but cheaper alternative to my M.A.C ‘Honey Love’. As I almost always wear a nude lip it’s important that it’s the right shade for me. I really like the rose gold and black casing, it really gives an expensive feel to the lipstick. As I ordered this online it was hard to judge the colour, while it is nude it is a little too browny for my liking. I do love the colour but I will still stick to my M.A.C lipstick.


Ultra Metals Revolution Brushes (Full Collection) £34.95

Thanks to the team at Makeup Revolution for sending me these beauties to accompany my haul. Not only did they fulfill my copper/rose gold obsession but I have been lusting over these brushes for a while! I brought one rose gold real techniques brush some months ago now, not only did it cost over £20 for one brush, but I felt it really lacked any use for the high price tag. The brushes are so soft but do get grubby very easily, I wish they would stay white forever! I am so pleased with how well they blend and how many uses the entire collection holds. My favourite is the sculpt blush brush as it is a nifty design and it brushes perfectly over my cheekbones.

The One Sculpt & Highlight Stick 2 for £6

I was itching to try these new contour sticks and boy I was not disappointed! I have tried creme contour products before and didn’t rate them too highly. I preferred my Barry M contour powders. While the contour stick is quite dark I did panic putting such a dark line on my cheekbones, one I used my real techniques blending sponge this soon blended in with my foundation and left a nice bronzed look. I then applied the highlighting stick and this completed the look, I never knew I had these cheekbones hiding underneath! I love that it leaves me with the dewy cheekbones I have always wanted from a contour kit and I’m glad I have found such a great one with a small price tag. Highly recommend getting yourself this set!


What Are You Waiting For? Eyeshadow Palette £6

I actually got this eyeshadow palette FREE as I spent £8 on Makeup Revolution in Superdrug! So what could be better than a FREE palette? I went for this one as it had mainly darker/goldy tones in which I prefer and wear all year long. It does come with a handy double ended sponge brush, but I prefer to use my real techniques eyeshadow brushes as I find they blend better. I love all the colours in the palette and can’t wait to try them all out, they are easily blended and give off a lovely matte effect.

Ultra Blush Palette Golden Sugar £6

I have been officially obsessed with this palette since it launched and I’m so happy I now have my mits on it! Not only do I love the marbleised effect on the blushers, I love the different shades and shimmer added to the colours. At £6 you really can’t go wrong, as with all the products I really do feel the packaging gives off such an expensive feel, who would of known it only cost £6!

So after this small but useful splurge I have now put myself on a makeup ban for the New Year, well let’s see how long that lasts 🙂 . Let me know in the comments below if you have tried Makeup Revolution and your thoughts on the products. Also if you have some recommendations I would love to know. I hope you all have a fantastic New Year and I will see you in 2016!

Emma xx
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