L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod Review

Some of you may already know about my battle to luxurious hair over the last year or so. Don’t we all want to know the secret to celebrities luscious locks? Well I got a new pair of straighteners recently which I had heard lots about, but how will they compare to the infamous GHDs?

I’ve heard about L’Oreal Steampod straighteners before now, but never really looked into them. Since going blonde earlier last year I have been determined to get the old bleach out from my dip dye and only have my hair dyed professionally now. After years of damaging my hair by colouring it every month I needed to take drastic measures as my hair was extremely dry and damaged. First of all I had a massive chunk cut off, probably around 5-6 inches. This really scared me at first as it took me years to get my hair that long. Not only did it slim down my face, but my hair finally started to look healthy again. I then had highlights put through which is how you see my hair nowadays, I love my bronde look and will be keeping it this time! I have it done at my local salon every 3 months which is actually really good that I can go that long and very cost effective this way. Gradually over the 7 months I’ve taken real good care of my hair. I have noticed massive improvements and the bleach is nearly all grown out!

So what does these Steampod straightens have to do with my hair condition? Well, I purchased my first pair of GHD’s about a year ago and they are fab don’t get me wrong, but they do damage my hair. I tend to use them most days which has in turn made my hair look dull, lifeless and damaged again. I changed my shampoo & conditioner to OGX’s Coconut Water and my god it’s the best thing I’ve ever used on my hair, so please go try it for yourself! I started hearing from fellow Blogging friends about L’oreals Steampod system and how it protect’s your hair from heat damage. Once I looked into them a little bit more I began to see some really great benefits.

You fill up the tank with normal water and instead of using heated plates on your hair it uses steam, which is a great healthier alternative to use on your hair. It also has a comb to smooth your hair while straightening and a heat control setting. All of this got me excited so I ordered them as they were on offer at lookfantastic. So here is the picture of the ‘at home’ straighteners I wanted and had researched…


And here’s what I got 2 days later through the post…


So to me I thought hang on they’ve sent the completely wrong product, what on earth have I got and why is it so big? After doing some research it turns out they had accidentally sent me the ‘salon professional’ straightens instead of the smaller blue pair intended for home use. It’s also worth up to £200 so I got a fab bargain for only £115! I decided to keep them as some reviews had said they were better quality, they actually use these for treatments in salons at £30 a pop! I know it’s a lot bulkier but I really don’t mind as they are fantastic.


I fell in the love the first time I used them, I have never known my hair to look so sleek and smooth after straightening it. I can honestly say they blew my expectations away and I’m so happy I got them. They are around the same pricing as GHDs so if you’re making a decision between the two then get these! I’ve been using these for 3 weeks now and my hair condition has considerably improved. My hair feels a lot softer in general, shinier and it also has volume once straightened.


Lookfantastic have now sold out of these straighteners (original blue one’s), maybe they spotted the glitch 😉 The next cheapest around is at allbeauty for £139.95 you can visit the site here.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried these or heard about them, I would love to know your thoughts.

Emma xx
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