Bomb Cosmetics Christmas Sale Haul

I look forward to the festive season not only for the good food and spending time with family, but the incredible sales after! I felt this was a perfect time to splurge on Bomb Cosmetics and I wanted to share with you what bargains I managed to grab.

Let It Snow Bath Blaster £1.15

Loosely based on the Disney classic I’m guessing with the blue themes and ice feel. I think this would have to be my favourite out of the bath blasters I brought. This one smells really minty and fresh which is always a winner in my books. I can’t wait to try this one, and submerge into the minty wonderland that will be my bath.

Hollybobs Bath Blaster £1.15

This is the first time I’ve tried this blaster so I was a little worried whether I would like the smell or not. I love the green colours and holly theme but it smells a little too winter spice for me. I might let Mitch have this one 😉


Oh Xmas Tree! Blaster £1.15

I’ve had this blaster a few times now and love it, this one smells more like your conventional bath bomb. Very sweet and zesty, I remember how much the glitter gets everywhere though so be prepared for a vajazzled bath.

Perfect Present Bath Blaster £1.15

Again another newbie to my collection, although a simple design. I do absolutely love the fact it smells like fresh linen! I wouldn’t say this smells very festive but at least I won’t feel guilty for using it in January now!

You Can’t Catch Me Bath Blaster £1.15

I normally go for the large pink gingerbread man blaster but fancied a change this year. This blaster looks full of colour so I can’t wait to see what it comes out like under water. Smell wise it smells exactly like gingerbread so if that’s your thing I recommended getting this!

Candy Cane Candle £4

This is my all time favourite candle from Bomb Cosmetics! I love it because it isn’t overpowering, yet I feel mint is the perfect smell for Christmas. I will probably stockpile this away for next year now but I can’t wait to enjoy it throughout December. I think £4 is a more attractive price than £8 and smell just as fab as Yankee Candles.

RRP Total: £19.50

Paid: £9.75

Sadly most of the sale items have now sold out online, so if your wanting to grab any of these festive bargains I would recommend calling your local store to see if they have any stock left. As always I would love to know your recommendations in the comments below 🙂


Emma xx
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