Mark Hill Ombre Review

Since the Mark Hill Ombre Range launched in Boots I have been itching to try them all out! Not only does the eye-catching packaging instantly draw me in. I wanted to see if the hype around Mark Hill’s infamous products were really worth the money.

Step 1 – Styling Primer £5.33

“Don’t let soft, freshly shampooed hair get in the way of your style. Prime your hair for ultimate control and long lasting hold. This lightweight formulation builds the perfect foundation to style from, providing texture and grip without overloading. Includes heat protection, leaving hair in perfect condition for heat styling”. I couldn’t agree with this description more my hair is always really soft and hard to style after a shower so finding this primer was a life saver for me. Less is really more with this primer and I only use a little as I found when I layered it on it made my hair dull and less shiny. Using just a little has really made it easy for me when straightening my hair afterwards, I would highly recommend this is you have thin hair and struggle to style it.

Step 2 – Perfect Blow Dry Spray £4.33

“When time is of the essence, reach for Perfect Blow Dry Spray and blow dry in record time! The lightweight spray contains ingredients which help evaporate water from the hair when drying and protects against heat up to 220°C. This innovative formula will leave hair feeling thicker and fuller, providing natural hold. It’s all you need for a quick style fix!” I have been using this spray for a few months now and it really does work! Although I do have short hair now so my hair does dry quickly, I would say this spray halves the time I spend drying my hair. Which is a bonus as it means less time with heat on my hair, I’ve found spray’s like this have left my hair greasy before. Luckily to my surprise this spray enhances the shine and it doesn’t feel like you have any product in your hair afterwards!

Step 2 – Amplifying Spray Mousse £3.99

“Give your hair a boost, exactly where it needs it! Because of the spray nozzle, this light-weight mousse adds body and fullness to any style directly at the roots. Full of volume boosting ingredients, hair feels thicker instantly and your style has lasting hold.” I love using this mousse, normally my hair sits really flat and I have never been adventurous enough to try a product like this in the past. It took a few attempts to get used to how much mousse to use in my hair, but now I really enjoy finishing off my hair with a big boost. I also found the volume in my hair, does last throughout the day which is another important factor. All in all I’m very impressed with this mousse and I will definitely be sticking to it in my daily routine.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried these fantastic styling products or if you have any recommendations 🙂 Also a Thank-You to the Mark Hill PR team for letting me try these fab products!


Emma xx
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