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So it’s January, it’s cold and frankly I look like I haven’t seen the sun for years! This is the time of year I start to apply a bit of fake tan to give me some healthy colour. So how do you ensure your going to be streak free? Well here are some of my recommendations to give you the perfect winter glow.

I always have the problem of a streaky fake tan, no matter what products I try or how much I prepare my skin before hand. I just don’t believe I’m ever destined for a even goddess glow! Preparation is key and I’m guilty of not following one of the most important steps…

– Exfoliate –

I have been using a new scrub called Skin Virgin, I had heard great things from other bloggers so had to put it to the test myself. Skin Virgin coffee scrub only contains 100% natural ingredients, they use a special blend of ground coffee beans, organic, extra virgin coconut oil, brown sugar & organic sweet orange oil. This brilliant natural remedy acts not only as a moisturiser, but contains vitamin E & proteins that help rejuvenate your skin, reduce stretch marks and boasts fantastic anti-ageing properties. Due to all the fantastic natural properties in the scrub, it is known to reduce the effects of many skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, cellulite, acne and general dry skin problems. Skin Virgin’s scrub also improves overall blood circulation and not to mention the sweet orange oil leaves your skin smelling incredible!

The scrub comes out literally like coffee powder and the strong scent hits you immediately, I love the smell personally. If I had to compare it to something, it would have to be a Terry’s chocolate orange 🙂 not bad at all! You need to mix it with a little warm water and then apply to your skin. I left it on for a few minutes in the shower, then washed it straight off. Afterwards my skin felt really smooth much more noticeable than the soap and glory scrub I’ve been using previously. I didn’t apply any moisturiser after which yes, I know is naughty but my skin still feels really soft and not dry at all. Also my skin smells of a mixture between coffee, coconut and all round very tropically. I am now a convert to Skin Virgin and I’m so pleased with the results even after one use!

You can get an exclusive 20% off using discount code: COUPONQUEEN20. Skin Virgin is currently reduced to £12.95 down from £14 so that’s £10.36 after the extra discount! You can visit Skin Virgin here.


Emma xx
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