Elie Beaumont London Watch Review

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I wanted to show you the fabulous range by Elie Beaumont. These luxury watches are everywhere at the moment and this one you may be surprised, won’t break the bank either!

Now it may just be me, but I’ve certainly noticed these type of watches creeping up across social media. You only have to look at your favourite bloggers on Instagram to see Daniel Wellington, Cluse and more cropping up. I love this style of watch, I find it so elegant and timeless it really does add a very luxury feel to your jewellery. For some reason I had the figure of £120 in my head, I think this is because I’ve done a lot of research on this style of watch and that is the norm sadly. I held off buying one just because I saw no point in spending all that money on one watch!


When Elie Beaumont sent me this gorgeous watch, I did sit and think how am I going to justify spending £120 on a watch, regardless of the fantastic quality and style. To my surprise when browsing the website once again all of the watches are £49! This is an incredible price difference to other leading brands. The reason why I fell in love with this Elie Beaumont watch is simple, the quality is impeccable. When opening the box I really did feel like I had expensive goods in my hands, it gave me a sense of luxury and the leather pouch is a fantastic touch. It’s great for storing the watch in and any other small jewellery pieces you own.

The watch itself is genuine leather and feels really soft and comfortable on your wrist, of course I would love the rose gold features around the watch but I do feel these really add a more expensive feel to the watch. The watch face is a clean and sleek design again with rose gold detailing, I also really like that the watch face sits on a small platform so it doesn’t sit flat on your wrist.

This Elie Beaumont watch has to be my favourite watch I own. It certainly ticks all the right boxes for me and I’m sure it will with you too. Not only is the price so attractive for such a high-end looking watch, the quality and packaging reinforce just how much money you haven’t spent.

You can visit the Elie Beaumont website here and view the full range!

Emma xx
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