Nails Inc Paint Can Review

If you’re a nail lover like myself this post is for you! After seeing all the hype online about Nails Inc’s revolutionary nail polish in a spray can, I couldn’t not get excited about the launch. So here is my review on the latest nail trend that is Nails Inc paint can.

Painting my nails can become a chore, we all lead busy lifestyles and sometimes it’s hard to set aside time to pamper yourself. As much as I love painting my nails I have always wondered what life might be like with a easier and quicker solution, now I don’t have to imagine as Nails Inc have launched they’re latest product. The paint can, it comes in a silver or a pink colour. I went for the silver as I thought I would have more use out of it, I also got myself the Nails Inc basecoat and topcoat. You can use any base/top coat but I do find Nails Inc’s is the best. The paint can will set you back £10 which let’s face it is the average price for a Nails Inc colour anyway. It’s a 50ml can so it should last you a fair time too.

Now for the application process… Apply a base coat as normal, and let this dry. Put some kitchen towel or paper underneath you as the spraying part is very messy! Hold the can 10cm away from your hand and spray evenly all over your nails. As you can see it did go everywhere! Apply your top coat and leave to dry for a few minutes. Now the next part is meant to be seamless, so you have all that excess on your hands what are you meant to do? Well as per the instructions it’s just meant to run off with soapy water. This step did take a while, I really had to scrub at my hands and for some time too. Overall it took me well over five minutes to clean my hands completely, even after this I went on to using some nail polish remover on a cotton bud to tidy up the cuticle area.


Once the manicure was done I did really like the colour, it’s an odd texture certainly not smooth but gives off a metal look. I’m writing this the day after and already my nails are chipping which I’m a little disappointed about, as it means I will now have to repeat the whole process again to maintain them. Overall I would say the process was a lot longer than if I was to use normal nail polish. I’m going to be honest here I do feel this product is a novelty, it’s certainly fun but not practical. I wouldn’t buy this product again but I would still use Nails Inc as they do fab colours which really are worth the money. In my opinion save your money!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried Nails Inc Paint Can and your thoughts 🙂

Emma xx
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