Tanya Burr Cosmetics – The Soft Luxe Collection

After Tanya Burr’s cosmetic range launch early last year, we haven’t seen any new additions. This really upset me as this budget friendly brand is not only affordable but really great quality. I stumbled onto Tanya’s Instagram the other day for the launch of her new book to find brand new additions to the cosmetic range! So here is The Soft Luxe Collection and my thoughts…

Tanya Burr Cosmetics - The Soft Luxe CollectionMatte Nail Polish – £4.99 Each

These nail polish additions got me really excited, not only do I love all things matte but the pastel colours are so on trend right now. I’ve put Soft Pyjamas to the test today and I absolutely love the result. The colour is a really nice pastel purple-grey, it was really quick to dry and looks really effective. The beauty of this is it instantly goes matte once dried, but equally looks nice glossy if you decide to add top coat. £4.99 is a great price for these nail varnish’s and a must have!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics - The Soft Luxe CollectionMatte Lipsticks – £5.99 Each

So these are called Lip Glosses still on the Superdrug website but after putting ‘Martha Moo’ to the test today it is certainly a matte lipstick. I am so impressed with these they look fab on and the colours are really rich. After eating and drinking all day it has firmly stayed on, the only thing I would suggest is being careful when it’s drying. It went on my teeth so easily while drying so make sure not to apply this in a rush without checking your teeth first. I highly recommend these matte lipsticks they are so nice and really affordable too.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics - The Soft Luxe CollectionEye Shadow Palette – £5.99 Each

Tanya’s Eye Shadow palettes are my ultimate beauty must-have! I’ll admit I am really boring and use her infamous Hollywood palette every day just because it suits me so well. I’m not very adventurous with eye colour’s so I wanted to make sure I would get my money’s worth when buying these two new palettes. The purple palette is called ‘Enchanted Dream’ and pink is ‘Birthday Suit’. After some experimenting, I prefer the look of Birthday Suit for an everyday look and Enchanted Dream for a night out/heavier look. The pigmentation of these eye shadow’s are great I personally thought Tanya’s eye shadow range is better than Urban Decays. I’ve been using the Hollywood palette from Tanya’s original range for over a year now and can’t recommend these enough.

You can visit the Superdrug website and here view Tanya’s Soft Luxe Collection!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics - The Soft Luxe Collection

Emma xx
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