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When I first heard of the Body Fantasies range, I didn’t think it would appeal to me. That was until I smelt them! Body Fantasies have exclusively just launched in the UK in Superdrug nationwide and I wanted to show you what the hype is really about.

Normally, body spray’s are aimed at more  younger audience. So this is why I was hesitant in looking at these as I thought I’m passed my body spray days. Body Fantasies have been labeled as Victoria’s Secrets dupes and there certainly is a big price difference. I wasn’t able to match the scents up perfectly as I wasn’t able to smell them all. So I got a few to show you the similarities and how much you can save. Body Fantasies are currently half price (£1.98) in Superdrug stores, now before you get too excited these are sold out online constantly it seems and they are almost the holy grail in store. So if your local Superdrug does have these available I suggest stocking up!


 So what exactly makes these handy sized body spray’s so unique? There are currently four scents to choose from Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy, Japenese Cherry Blossom, Pink Grapefruit & Twilight Mist. Four new fragrances will be added to the line later this year. So not only does the price leave you wanting more they claim to have over 500 sprays in each bottle which means it will certainly last you a while. I put these to the test on a hot Summer’s day (Yes, I know rare as they are!). Instead of wearing my usual perfume I sprayed myself with Japenese Cherry Blossom, I got lots of compliments throughout the day and when I felt myself getting sweaty I simply re-sprayed to freshen up. The size of these are perfect as they fit straight in your handbag and don’t take up too much room.

The Victoria’s Secret body spray’s are equally as nice smelling don’t get me wrong. I have massively enjoyed discovering the range and finding four great new fragrances to use every day. The only problem being they are a lot bigger and not very travel size. They also retail for £10 which is a big price difference! So it just goes to show that they’re are fab almost identical products on the market and Body Fantasies is one of them. You can visit the Superdrug website here to see if there is any stock (Good Luck!). A massive thank you to Body Fantasies for sending me these amazing spray’s to try.


Emma xx
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