The 2016 Sho-Mo Awards & Meetup

Last week I had a little getaway to London, I got to visit Zoella’s Apartment (vlog coming out this Friday) and on Saturday I attended the 2016 Sho-Mo Awards where I was nominated for three awards. The Sho-Mo Awards are for UK Money Bloggers and it was a great opportunity to meet so many of my online friends and make new friends in the blogging community.

The Sho-Mo Awards were founded by Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash last year. I attended the Awards last year and won ‘Best Social Media’ which was an incredible achievement. Around twenty money bloggers attended last year, so when I walked into a room of nearly fifty money bloggers this year I could see just how much our community has grown since then. It was a great opportunity to meet so many inspiring bloggers, I was very lucky to be able to stay the night with Lynn from Mrs Mummypenny who was very accommodating and just as lovely in person! The event was held at the Rainmaking Loft which is where Latest Free Stuff operates from. It was lovely to see Deepak again and catch up on his success since Dragon’s Den.

The day consisted of panel’s and seminars on how we can develop our blogs and grow our channels. My favourite seminar was all about Pinterest and how we can get more followers through posting our content. I had never considered Pinterest before so I left with lots of useful information courtesy of Naomi from Skint Dad. Then it was time for the Awards…I was lucky enough to be nominated for ‘The People’s Choice’, ‘Best Deals, Couponing or Freebies Blog’ & ‘Best Podcast, Vlog or Social Media’. In the end, I was extremely grateful to be awarded Highly Commended in ‘The People’s Choice’ which was a public vote so a massive thank you to everyone who voted for me. Also, I won Highly Commended in ‘Best Deals, Couponing or Freebies Blog’ which again is an incredible achievement! Funnily enough, that day was Extreme Couponing and Deals UK’s third birthday so Tom (Latest Deals) & Deepak (Latest Free Stuff) kindly sourced a three balloon to celebrate and what a day for celebrations.

It was lovely to meet so many money bloggers and I really enjoyed my Law Of Attraction conversation with Emma (From Aldi To Harrods) & Hollie (Thrifty Mum). It actually surprised me how many of us do it! We ended the awards with some well-deserved drinks and once again Ricky (Skint Dad) made the entertainment and supplied us with a lot of laughs. It was lovely to sit down and chat to Emma from (Mum’s Savvy Savings) as we’ve talked online for a while it was great to finally meet her.

The 2016 Sho-Mo Awards & Meetup The 2016 Sho-Mo Awards & Meetup

The whole weekend away inspired me so much and with lots of exciting opportunities coming up with both Extreme Couponing and Deals UK and this blog, I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on.

You can view the entire list of winners from the 2016 Sho-Mo Awards here and learn about some incredible money bloggers. A massive thank you to Andy for organising such and incredible event I can’t wait to attend next year!

The 2016 Sho-Mo Awards & Meetup

Emma xx
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